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Prime Time? Sublime! Contest

May 1, 2010

Are you a “prime timer?” If you can take the senior citizen discount, we’re looking for you! We’re on the search for those heritage makers who are in the prime of their lives, creating memories, and recording their stories for the future. Our Prime Timers contest is all about those who use Heritage Makers Studio to make storybooks and other projects that tell an interesting life story.


This is the prime of your life. You’ve raised your family, you’ve traveled, you’ve lived a fascinating life. And now, it’s time to impart your wisdom and experience to the future generations. There’s no better way to share your life with those you love than with a Heritage Makers storybook.

Here’s How It Works:

At Heritage Makers, we know you’ve got a fascinating story to tell…now share it! If you’re a Heritage Makers “prime timer”, please send us your photo, a preview of your project, and a short 200 word essay about “Why I am a heritage maker.”


There’s a silver lining to getting the seniors discount! If your project and essay are chosen, you’ll receive a FREE 13×11 Legacy storybook from Heritage Makers. This is the perfect size to record your life story!

Contest runs from May 1 – 31, 2010. The winner will be announced June 4, 2010.

And hey, if you normally pass up the senior citizen discount…just enter our contest anyway and show the youngsters how to do it!

Show us your Prime Time projects!

Contest Rules

  1. Any storybook, canvases, posters, swatch books, or greeting cards designs will be considered.
  2. Designs may be original or from our Template Gallery
  3. All submissions must include a 200 word essay about “Why I’m a Heritage Maker” and a photo of the submitter.
  4. Artwork must come from the Premier or Basic Artwork in Heritage Makers Studio.
  5. Pages should include text and photos.
  6. Projects will be judged on their interesting, original and/or appealing concept, content and execution.
  7. You may submit one project in each format. (For example, one storybook, one canvas, one greeting card, etc.)
  8. Photos used must be your own or you must have permission to use them.
  9. By submitting your project, you are giving Heritage Makers permission to use your project even if you don’t win.

How to Submit

  1. Open the “My Projects & Templates” tab and if your project has been completed, select “view completed.” If you are still working on your project, select “view in progress.”
  2. Find your project and click on the “view” link underneath to open a preview of your project.
  3. Copy the web address above the Heritage Makers logo and paste it into an email.
  4. In the email, underneath the copied web address, list your name, your user ID, the title of the project, your photo, and your essay.
  5. In the subject line of your email write “I’m a Heritage Maker.”
  6. Address the email to
  7. Click “Send” and your project will be entered in the contest.