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10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions – #3

January 6, 2010

By: Brenda Kruse


Whether I bravely ask others to snap a pic of me WITH my kids or I figure out how to work the self-timer setting on my camera, I vow to be in more pictures this year. Looking back at my life as a Mom, I don’t want there to be just a handful of good pics. I know I haven’t seen very many photos of my mom or grandmas during their early parenting days — how sad! I want my kids to remember me, not just that I was the one who took them to the cool things, paid for it, and took pictures of them at it! I wasn’t just CAPTURING the memories, I was LIVING the memories in the moment too. So snap away but pass the camera around…don’t be shy!

Another aspect of this goal is to be better at taking shots of identifying details of places we go. Instead of simply taking the pretty scenic shots that every tourist takes, I want to also shoot the signs that explain and offer details. I want to pose us all in front of the pretty scene too so I have proof that I didn’t just buy a generic postcard but I really was there in person! Looking back at my pre-digital photos from an epic trip to Italy, for example, I’m disappointed to see so many more photos of places than people.