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10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions – #4

January 8, 2010

By: Brenda Kruse


I have no excuse because I personally own the high-speed photo-safe scanner that amazingly whizzes through paper photographs and turns them into JPGs in just minutes. While I’ve scanned a large portion of my pre-digital pics already, I still haven’t dug out ALL of them and scanned them quite¬†yet. And I really don’t have a great excuse because it doesn’t take a ton of time. It doesn’t cost me a lot of money.

What AM I waiting for? A natural disaster to destroy them? Mice to eat them up? A water leak to ruin the whole lot? Age to slowly fade and ruin these treasures? I’ve heard clients tell me the sad tales of when they waited too long and now it truly IS too late as their photos have been destroyed and are gone for good. I have to practice what I preach. Pronto!