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10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions – #8 and #9

January 14, 2010

By: Brenda Kruse


While it depends on the age of your children, it’s hard to beat the family fun from playing together. Scheduling an official weekly time to play is probably a better way to make sure it happens regularly. In days past, your only choice was board games that came from a store and card games, typically variations from a standard deck of cards.

I’ve decided it’s even more family-focused to tie together the family memories AND the family game-playing. So I’ve been making many HM games from the cute templates in the gallery. This Christmas, I made us the Go Fish/Memory deck of playing cards. And our own version of CandyLand.

Last year, I made a 2008 BINGO game and plan to create an edition each year. Instead of using family faces for it, I made it into a ‘yearbook’ of sorts. With the 52 cards, I was able to use feature about 4 photos per month to highlight our fondest, most fun memories of the year. In one game, we can re-live our whole year of excitement and experiences, complete with entertainment! There are so many fun game ideas in the Template Gallery that take very little time to customize and complete.


A year before O Magazine’s Editor At Large Gayle King raved about this concept on Good Morning America, I’d been talking about it and meaning to do my own version. Well, it’s time to truly put it into print…literally! Now that I’ve found most of my childhood photos and have scanned many of them, I want to explore those memories and share my “former” life with children. I know they’ll be fascinated by much of what I reveal, and the “looking back” process is sure to be somewhat therapeutic (not to mention lots of fun) for me!

Every mom would appreciate knowing what their moms were like before getting that special lifelong title of “Mom.” If your mom and/or grandmothers are still alive, wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to work together to create their special storybook of “Before I Was Your Mother?” Of course, this is just as important for the dad/father/grandfather side as well. Stop talking and start writing! Pick a template and play with it!