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10 Ways to Love with Heritage Makers

February 10, 2009

It is the month of love and we’ve got some great ideas to help you rekindle your love with Heritage Makers.

1.   Believe
You have a story. Part of the adventure is discovering what that story is. Maybe your story is about your high school years, your first kiss, or your prom. Maybe it’s about your spouse, your courtship, and your wedding. Maybe it’s about your children, their births, their first words, or their first day at school. Know that your story is important and needs to be shared. Give your children, your spouse, your friends…your heritage, their heritage.

2.      Be Yourself
You don’t need a degree in writing or creativity to make an awesome book. You have everything you need. Your personality and your excitement will bring your story to life. Remember, this is about you, your family, your friends. Have fun with it.

3.      Communicate (Listen)
Talk to your friends and family to get ideas for more great stories. Get their impressions, their experiences. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see how everyone remembers your memories, learn about their feelings and their thoughts? You can create a fun storybook with everyone’s participation. Get everyone involved. Get your characters together, have a party, and learn about the people who mean the most to you.

4.      Show Interest
Create a story for someone-your parents, your best friend, your sister or brother. Help others see that their stories are important too. Then surprise them. Their smiles and tears will be worth all the effort.

5.      Share Your Feelings
Share all the sights and smells of your story. Share the small details that made your experience-the smell of the roses at your wedding, the touch of tiny feet as you cuddled your newborn baby, the taste of a foreign fruit on your family vacation. Share your feelings, your thoughts, your excitements. These stories mean something to you. Let others know how and why.

6.      Prepare
You have your story, now you need the details. Go through your pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So find the perfect images to present your story. Then decide how you want to share your experiences. If you’re stumped, you can use the Story Maps found in your Studio. They have great questions to get your ideas flowing.

7.      Commit
Once you have discovered your story, your responsibility is to share it. Put some time aside to work on it each day. It doesn’t have to be much. Even 10 minutes a day will get you closer to a finished book. And once you start, you may find it hard to stop. It is way too much fun to create, to remember, to share.

8.      Create the Atmosphere
Be creative. There are plenty of things in Studio to help you create a unique design. Have fun with the paper, the picture frames, the buttons, the ribbons, the tags. Or party with the templates. There are some great designs, perfect for any story. Make your story your story.

9.      Snuggle
Storybooks make great bedtime books. Snuggle up with your children and share your stories with them. Let them fall asleep to the sound of your voice as you read your wedding story, your family vacation stories, or their baby stories.

10.  Show Appreciation
Once you receive your book, display it, love it, enjoy it. This is your treasure. Show it off. Read it to your children; share it with your friends. Keep it where everyone can see it-on the coffee table or in the kitchen. Make it a part of your home.