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April 2008
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Our President, Doug Cloward

April 28, 2008   

This past weekend, our faithful President, Doug Cloward, was diagnosed with CLL leukemia. While Doug’s body is not in top-notch condition, his spirits certainly are. Doug’s family has created a blog to keep you all updated on his progress. Please visit to learn more about Doug’s condition and to keep up-to-date. Of course, positive thoughts, love, and prayers are always welcome.

Anyone who has any association with Heritage Makers knows that Doug is the company’s biggest champion. To show your support to Doug and his family at this time, send him a HM card or family fold. Show Doug how much being a Heritage Maker really means to each of you by sharing the product that he loves so much…with him.

April Stories & More

April 23, 2008   


Heritage Makers sends out a monthly newsletter called Stories & More. To keep up on the latest and greatest from the company, check out the newsletter here. And be sure to come back often for more.


Have you heard about Heritage Makers exclusive Mother’s and Father’s Day template collections? Each collection contains cards, posters, books and family folds. These templates make creating a beautiful, personal gift quick and easy. Ask you heritage consultant how you can get one of these templates, today.

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Save a Tree, Go Digital

April 22, 2008   

Save a Tree - Go Digital

It’s Earth Day! Are you craving green today? This is the perfect time for all of us to stop and think about our impact on the environment. What changes can we make in our everyday lives to help protect the Earth? Recycled grocery bags? Riding a bike to work? Planting a tree? Remember, it’s the little things every day that really add up.

At Heritage Makers, we are also doing our part to lessen our environmental footprint.

Did you know:

– On-demand publishing is better for the environmnet than traditional scrapbooking? Why? We don’t print until you’re ready…no wasted scraps.

– We don’t require our consultants to inventory goods. Again, no wasted printing.

– Digital scrapbooking allows you to get rid of those boxes and boxes of paper and embellishments that are going to waste.

With Heritage Makers, you get a tangible memory your entire family can enjoy…with the least environmental footprint.

So go ahead–save a tree, go digital!

Visit our website at

Welcome to the Heritage Makers Blog

April 12, 2008   

It’s been awhile in the works, but the Heritage Makers blog is finally ready to be unveiled! If you’re looking for the latest and greatest from Heritage Makers, wondering what the newdigital scrapbooking trends are, or just plain interested in finding a home for all of your precious stories…you’ve come to the right place. At Heritage Makers, we take preserving stories, memories, and family traditions seriously. If you’re new to Heritage Makers, take some time to visit our website at Learn what it means to be a “heritage maker” and how you can take all of your family stories and turn them into beautiful, hard-bound storybooks

If you’re an old friend of Heritage Makers, welcome! At Heritage Makers, we’re a tight-knit “family” working together to take the power of story to all corners of the world. There’s never been a better time to be a part of Heritage Makers.

We love comments so feel free to share your thoughts and ideas here. We’re glad you found us! Come back often.

Stories Aren’t Told Without Storytellers

April 8, 2008   

I have a lengthy commute to the office every day, so I’ve started listening to Podcasts as I take the van pool or drive in to work. I’ve found some incredible audio to inspire and educate me as I drive. One of my favorites is called Hardcore History. The speaker, Dan Carlin, focuses each episode on a theme from history to teach lessons about today.

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