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May 2008
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A Day to Remember

May 9, 2008   

After learning about the seriousness of Doug’s condition last week, I knew that there was a very real possibility I wouldn’t get to see him in person again. Of course, I was pleased to interact with so many of our consultants at our Southern California Regional event, but the feeling was bittersweet as I thought about the suddenness and shock of Doug’s diagnosis. Because of my absence, I missed out on the fireworks of Doug’s first few days in the hospital, including revision of his diagnosis from chronic leukemia to a rare and serious form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and the beginning of chemotherapy. We shared some poignant phone conversations as I began to contemplate the business, and life, without my colleague and friend.

Well, today I was able to see a much healthier looking Doug, certainly not out of the woods as he has just begun the early stages of treatment, but definitely healthier than the last time I saw him when he had, in his words, “one foot in the grave.” He’s received world-class treatment during this truly life-saving week.

Doug has tremendous gifts as a visionary and entrepreneur. Together, we were able to share some powerful thoughts about life and how Heritage Makers can continue to make such a positive difference in the lives of so many, particularly of our consultants. There is still much uncertainty and, I’m sure, there will be more surprises. But I know I’m looking forward to Doug’s influence and partnership for many more years to come.