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May 2008
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Look What’s New in Studio

May 12, 2008   

Exciting new products are now available! You can tell your stories in a variety of ways with new game cards and invitations. At Heritage Makers, it just keeps getting better!


Game Cards

Enjoy games of all varieties with your family and friends. Play matching games with your kids, memory at the next family reunion, or make up your own unique family-styled game. The game cards are completely customizable (one side only) so you can make the cards entirely your own. The cards have modern rounded corners and are shipped in a plastic case.


Invite your friends to your next party with a unique, totally customizable invitation. The invitations are glossy on the front and matte on the back…and shipped with envelopes. Invitations are perfect for your celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries, and holidays. You’ll impress all of your party goers with these stylish invitations.

Studio Enhancements

We’ve added new features to Studio. With Project View, Page Management, Image Swapping, and more your Studio experience is sure to be one for the memory books!


  • Project View
    Quickly and easily browse and view the pages of your project. Rotate cards, flip through pages of storybooks, or view any of your projects in a totally new realm. No more long wait times and no more awkward red lines! You’ll love the quality and details that have been put into this feature.
  • Embed Project in a Blog
    Want to share your HM projects with your family and friends? Try embedding your project into your blog! Combine the savvy technology of blogging and storybooking and you’ve got an incredible way to share your projects with as many people as you want. Your friends and family can browse through pages of your storybook without the hassle of clogging up email boxes or waiting for the printed copy!
  • Page Thumbnails
    And we’re not talking about the ones on your hands. You can see images of all your pages off to the side in Studio. You’ll easily be able to manage your pages and images with this quick view of your entire project.
  • Page Management
    Rearranging your storybook pages just got a whole lot easier! Open the Manager page in Studio and simply drag your pages to rearrange. Your images will all auto load with the preview. You simply drap the page where you want it and click done. That’s all there is to it!
  • Image Swapping
    Rearrange all of your images in any projects with one simple drag. No longer do you need to hold down the control key to swap images. Point, drag, and you’re done!