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June 2008
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Book an Event

June 24, 2008   

Need a reason to book a Celebration or Workshop? Looking for a little something extra to offer your hosts? Look no further!

Beginning July 1, you can offer the canvas poster for only $35 as a booking gift! This is a fabulous incentive to offer any of your hosts…plus, incredible savings. Don’t miss the chance to get in on this amazing bargain. Book your events today!

June Stories & More

June 24, 2008   

The Ultimate Father’s Day Surprise

Last year I made a Father’s Day storybook for my husband Merv, and he loved it so much that I decided to make him one this year too. I used the HM Exclusive Father’s Day 7×5 book template and filled it with pictures of him and our two children as well as some heartfelt sentiments. The last page of the book was the real “gift.” I placed two ultrasound pictures on it and wrote, “Daddy, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you from my siblings, and I’m so honored that you will be my Daddy, too! I’m looking forward to meeting you on or about January 10, 2009!”

We actually gave Merv the book as soon as we received it, which was a week before Father’s Day. He was so surprised and overcome with emotion as he read that last page.

We decided to wait to tell the rest of the family on Father’s Day at the luncheon we already had planned. I gave my parents one copy of the book and Merv’s parents another so that they could look through it at the same time. My mother-in-law had the best reaction of all!

This experience will definitely be included in our baby’s storybook. These were truly priceless moments for our family and a great celebration of the new baby we will be welcoming to our family soon.

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Exciting Renuion Announcement

June 23, 2008   


We’ve got exciting news! Famed Columbia Recording artists and Nashville stars Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband will be performing at the ’08 Heritage Makers Convention. You don’t want to miss the chance to hear this talent LIVE…and exclusively for Heritage Makers.

Ryan, and his Rubberband, had a huge hit with “Dream Big” and their new album was ranked #12 on iTunes after just two days!

Check out Ryan’s inspiring “Dream Big” performance here.
Dream Big

Hurry and register for Convention today! Go to to reserve your spot.

’08 Heritage Makers Reunion Event

June 12, 2008   

Springtime brought lots of business momentum to Heritage Makers and now that it’s almost the summer season, things are really heating up here at the home office!

Announcing, the 2008 Heritage Makers Reunion event!


Join us September 25-27 in Anaheim, California…home of Mickey Mouse, exciting rides, and the HM Digital Adventure!

The Digital Adventure is the newest and greatest theme park to hit Southern California since…well, since Walt himself. Complete with thrilling rides, exciting trainings, and a cast of characters. Hang on for the ride of your life!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Exciting new products and announcements.
  • How ScanParty can infuse your business.
  • Discovering the “magic” in your business.
  • Exclusive leadership training.
  • Why you need to be a part of the digital revolution.
  • And that’s only the beginning!

The Digital Adventure is the perfect place to create memories and stories for future generations.

To register for Reunion, go to

See you there!

Check Out Our New Prices

June 4, 2008   

Heritage Makers is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and service. This time, we think we’ve come up with something you’ll really appreciate. Lower prices on posters, 5×5 storybooks, and shipping!

New Pricing

We’ve lowered our prices on our posters and are passing the savings on to you. So go ahead, make a poster for everyone in your family!

12×18 gloss            $9.95*

18×24 matte          $14.95*

But wait, we aren’t done yet! 5×5 storybooks are now available for $29.95*.

*Remember, savings occur when clients purchase through a consultant. Online orders remain at the regular price.

New Shipping Prices

We’ve also lowered our shipping prices! Starting June 20, 2008, you will notice lower shipping prices on additional copies of your storybooks. We’re anticipating a decrease of $.50 – $1.00

Beautiful New Templates

June 3, 2008   

Heritage Makers has done it again! Beautiful, new storybook templates…complete with story prompts. Our second series of templates in the “Voyages to the Interior” collection celebrates you.

These three templates will take you on a journey of self-discoery as you learn about where you came from (Our Family’s Roots), where you’ve been (Before I Was Your Mother), and where you are now (What It Means to Be a “Jones”).

Each of these storybooks is filled with story prompts, ideas, and examples of personal writing for you to follow.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve created.


To view Our Family’s Heritage, click here.

To view What It Means to Be a “Jones”, click here.

To view Before I Was Your Mother, click here.

New and Improved Colors

June 2, 2008   

Have you noticed a color difference in your recently purchased Heritage Makers storybook? We’ve made some awesome advances in our printing process and are pleased to announce our new and improved colors on all storybooks and Heritage Makers products.

Here’s what we did:

Historically, the color on the covers of our storybooks has been saturated because of the laminate that we put on. This caused dramatic differences in the color on the cover when compared with the pages within the storybook. We have fixed this situation by implementing a new color profiling system. Your new storybooks may look lighter or less saturated when compared to your older books. However, the new storybooks are actually more color accurate than the old ones.

Also, covers will look and print more closely to the color of inside pages.

This new upgrade is just one of the many ways Heritage Makers is working to make sure you receive the best quality storybook in the industry!

Now, go make a storybook today to see the improvement for yourself!