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August 2008
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Words of Wisdom

August 15, 2008   


left to right:  Mary Beckey Kelly, Jim Maas, Fr. Steimel, and Tom Ulses

Words of Wisdom Shared for Many Future Generations

Our feature story this month comes from Brenda Kruse, Independent Consultant in Iowa (
Cedar Valley Catholic Schools in Waterloo, Iowa wanted to make a book of reflections from 81-year-old Msgr. Paul Steimel to auction off at an annual fundraising event. Mary Beckey Kelly, Marketing Director for the schools, had a friend suggest the idea of publishing Father Steimel’s writings. At first mention of this idea, Father Steimel responded with three writings (reflections). He was determined share his “words of wisdom” for the good of the kids…whom he loves and they love him. Mary and her friend made some suggestions as to topics, such as time and challenges (having just lost the sub-state basketball game), and before long, Father Steimel had completed 20 reflections that address the faith, challenges and struggles facing young people in today’s society.   The next step was to figure out how to produce and publish a visually appealing book of these reflections. Mary had explored several traditional printing options but had trouble finding a resource for the high-quality, hardbound tribute book she envisioned. At the suggestion of Jolene Kneeland, mother of a Columbus High senior and storybooking client, Mary contacted Brenda Kruse, Heritage Maker Consultant. With Brenda’s help, Mary used Studio’s Drag & Drop to create a beautiful 13×11 Legacy Edition storybook. This was accomplished in a matter of days due to the auction fundraiser date. The book was delivered with time to spare. At the special fundraising auction, this beautiful book of Father Steimel’s writings sold for $500. Seeing the popularity of the book, the auctioneer offered it to more bidders and a total of 30 people offered to pay $500 per copy for it! The school then gathered a few more orders from friends, family and staff bringing the final order to 45 copies.
 The end result was a fundraising effort of $10,500 — and it all started with a single storybook. Best of all, the wisdom from the highly respected Father Steimel will be cherished by many children and parents for years to come. 

Heritage Makers in the News

August 1, 2008   

ABC 4’s Good Things Utah had a feature about Heritage Makers earlier in the week. Check out the link here to watch!

Studio Tips and Tricks

August 1, 2008   

Check out these cool tips for using Heritage Makers Studio!

– Locking each item on your page is a smart way to avoid moving or deleting that object. But locking every item on each page of your book can take a lot of clicks. Now you can do it in one! On your “Edit” menu, you’ll find a “Lock” option. Click on that to see a drop-down menu with the following options: lock all on the page, unlock all on the page, lock all in the project, and unlock all in the project. Fast, easy, secure.

– Do you ever want to stretch an object, but you don’t want to have to go to the Layout tab to unlock proportions, make your change, and then lock proportions again? You can stretch an object quickly and easily just by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard as you drag the sides of the object. When you release the Shift key, the proportions of your object will automatically default to “locked” again.

– After you’ve swapped a photo, if you want to make adjustments to the current photo on the page, lock it first and then go to the “Tools” tab on your toolbox. When your image is locked, you will see “scale” and “rotation” that aren’t available when the photo is unlocked.