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November 2008
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Better Homes and Gardens

November 26, 2008   

The word is getting out! Heritage Makers is the best choice when it comes to publishing your very own hardbound storybooks…and others are starting to take notice.

Heritage Makers is listed first on a list in Better Homes and Gardens 2nd Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbookin as the best options for digital printing! This is fantastic news!


There’s no doubt about it…Heritage Makers is the choice to make. With Heritage Makers storybooks, cards, prints, and calendars you can create lasting memories of family heritage with all of our creative products.

First Oprah and now Better Homes and Gardens!

Heritage Makers Gift Accounts

November 26, 2008   

Give the gift that will never go out of style…the Heritage Makers Gift Account. This year, share the gift of celebrating stories with everyone on your list.  Just in time for the holiday season, you can purchase Heritage Makers gift accounts. Gift accounts are a great solution for the hard-to-please, the perfect way to capture stories, and help add a little excitement to any holiday party!

To get in on the gift account action, contact a consultant near you. Don’t have a consultant? No worries! Go to and we’ll get you in touch with someone.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

November 24, 2008   

That’s right, folks. Time is running out to order your books in time for the holidays.Hurry and finish up those books and get your orders in before it’s too late. If you still need more time, no problem, but keep the shipping dates in mind to make sure you receive your books in time for the holidays.

For all books

United States Only

11/28 – Ground / USPS

12/5 – 2 day

12/12 – 1 day

For all other products

Unites States Only

12/8 – Ground

12/15 – 2 day

12/17 – 1 day

12/15 – USPS

I’m Hooked!

November 17, 2008   

Submitted by Heidi Arave

I have been writing storybooks for over seven years and with every book I publish I am just as excited to get it back as I was with my very first book! With Heritage Makers large product selection I am now hooked on Heritage Makers home decor! That’s right, home decor made just the way I want it and with my favorite stories, pictures, and values!

The 12×12 pages can be used for so many things! Rather than putting posters of famous athletes, movie stars or super heroes on my son’s walls, I created 3 12×12 pages with a photo on each page with a big word below it and a definition. Here are some of the words I chose to teach my son:

          TRADITION:  Beliefs or customs taught by one generation to the next (and used a picture of my husband, son and 2 little nephews fishing at the family cabin.)          HEROES: You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes. ~Walter M Schirra Sr. (I used a picture of my 12 little nephews and my son.)          HERITAGE: Heritage is a million everyday moments (and used a picture of my husband and son looking at a river)

My son was SO excited when his pages arrived in the mail. He saw the first page and said “Oh, I want that one in my room!” Then he saw the next page and said “Oh, I want that one in my room!” And again when he saw the third one he said the same thing. You would have thought I just bought him a new toy he had always wanted!

Another fun thing you can do with your 12×12 pages is to put a big family picture on it and write a fun quote. I put a photo of my family walking across a bridge with the saying “No road is too long with good company.” I framed it and have it on an easel on my fireplace.


There are just so many great ideas you can use Heritage Makers products for! Something else you can do (thanks Corissa Beck for the idea) is to mod podge a 12×12 page to a 12×12 ceramic tile! WOW, simply beautiful! You can also design a 12×12 page into 4 different 6×6 images and cut them once you receive the page and mod podge them onto 6×6 tiles! These make great neighbor gifts for the holidays. Use a fun saying like “Let it Snow” or “Joy to the World.”  With the beautiful artwork we have available with our Premier art collection, you can create gorgeous decorations!



And it doesn’t stop there! Remember the photo cubes from the 70’s… we’ll they’re back! Make 6 3×3 inch boxes on your 12×12 page (or 8.5×11 page). Cut the squares out and put them into the photo cube.


The options are endless! Start your projects today and you’ll be amazed at the many things you can create using your Heritage Studio account.

Storybooking is Addicting

November 17, 2008   

Submitted by Candace May

I have a running friend who has recently decided to join Heritage Makers as a personal publishing consultant. The other day, she asked me a question about sales. She asked, “After someone does a project or two, then what? What keeps a customer coming back for more?” Well, I’ve got the answer.

Yes, it’s true that there may not be an immediate re-ordering when it comes to our business. Heritage Makers is not a company that sells pills or lotions that needs constant re-ordering. But, like a pill, Heritage Maker’s online Studio can be addictive. In fact, it’s so addicting that I think we should start putting a warning label on the site

My running friend has not written a book yet. She has not experienced the magic of “storybooking.” She has not yet opened that first book that comes delivered to her door or opened the pages of a book about her heritage and read it to her children. If she had done any of these things, she wouldn’t have asked me that question.  She’ll soon experience the same “addictive” passion that I have for storybooking. I’m sure of it.

I have written over 20 storybooks and each time that new book is delivered, I still get a chill and a thrill.

What makes storybooking addictive? It is our amazing Online Publishing Studio that makes everyone a “professional” designer:

1. Using Studio is easy to do.

Once you learn about Heritage Studio you can use it for almost anything. Here are some of the ideas that can be done with Studio.

  • I made a $9.95 poster for my children’s nursery group.
  • You can make posters for children’s birthday gifts, cards for dear friends as a birthday wish, or thank you cards (with our new Address Book feature, sending cards is easier than ever.)
  • My newest client is a small business owner (children’s jewelry) and she uses the 5×5 book as a marketing catalog.
  • My 7-year-old uses Heritage Studio to do her own books and projects.

2. Using Studio is gratifying. With your Heritage Studio you can create an amazing storybook project in a matter of a couple hours and it shows up to your house in a matter of days! Heritage that was once “in a shoebox” is now safely “captured” in a book that will be read and celebrated for generations to come.

3. Using Studio is exciting. You will never bored as you browse the wonderful ideas in the Template Gallery. And you’ll have a blast creating designs and coming up with fabulous storybook ideas.

4. Using Studio is relaxing. While I wait for the water to boil as I cook dinner for my family, I can sit at my laptop and “storybook” for a few minutes. Once you have done a project you feel this wonderful sense of relief and pride. The project is always saved in your completed files and heritage is captured!

5. Using Studio helps you create a Cornerstone collection! Have you written your love story yet? How about your grandparent’s story? Have you interviewed your parents about their life yet? Have you written your children’s birth stories? The Cornerstone collection of templates are amazing and make “storybooking” easy and fun.

Take 30 seconds and write down the storybooks you NEED to write. What heritage needs to be “captured?” Then ask yourself “Who needs to hear these stories?” Then create them! But be warned, storybooking and using Studio is addictive. You WILL be back for more.

‘Tis the Season to Be Grateful

November 14, 2008   

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner (at least for us in the U.S.). This year, as you gather around the table and give thanks, why not create some heritage. We’ve got some fun ideas to help you dress the table, while you dress the turkey.

Family fold place cards: Each family member will have a unique place card at your table. You can customize a family fold with photos and stories about everyone invited to your dinner.

12×12 place mats: Create some 12×12 scrap pages to use as place mats. All you have to do is laminate the pages and you’ve got a wonderful way to create some heritage as you eat turkey and stuffing.

Playing cards: After the dinner is finished and the big football game over, spend some time relaxing with your family. Create a fun playing card game, complete with your family stats, and you’ll enjoy hours of fun.

No matter how you spend this Thanksgiving holiday, remember it’s the little moments that count. Spend time loving your children, listening to stories from grandpa, and sincerely remembering how thankful you are for the many gifts you have.

Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas

November 14, 2008   

Looking for a unique..and quick…gifts to give this holiday season? Sure, funky sweaters and cheesy snow globes are always an option, but this year, why not give the gift of heritage. And we’re talking more than a storybook.

Storybooks are always in season and are a wonderful way to share your values, beliefs, and traditions with your family. But this year, we’ve got some wonderful ideas to help you fill those stockings and give truly unique gifts. Check out some of our ideas!

  • Playing Card Garland

  • Family Fold Holiday Letter

  • Playing Cards as Neighbor Gifts

  • Traditions Book

  • Brag Book for Teachers

  • Posters for Teenagers

  • Prints in Frames

  • Recipe Book

  • Prints as Placemats

  • Holiday Colored Family Tree

 For more incredible gifts to stuff your stockings this year, go to!

Oprah Online

November 13, 2008   


Oprah’s All-Time Favorite Gifts is now online. And Heritage Makers has made the cut…we’re one of Oprah’s favorite gifts under $100! Check it out here!

“Make History” with an amazing storybook from Heritage Makers and order yours today.

 Want a great deal on a storybook or scrap pages? Go here!

Address Book Rocks

November 12, 2008   

Melanie Silcox, a Heritage Makers consultant, has some new clients. But these aren’t your average storybooking clients. These clients happen to be serving in the military half way around the world in Afghanistan. 

A group of soldiers are using the new Heritage Makers Address Book to make their holiday cards to send to family and friends. They are so excited about having the cards shipped directly to those on their lists. Plus, they will save time and money by shipping holiday cards directly with the Address Book.

The soldiers love the Heritage Makers Studio because it is also a great way for them to share photos with their family back home.

Oprah Loves Heritage Makers

November 4, 2008   


Just in time for the holidays! Heritage Makers is featured in the December 2008 O Magazine as one of Oprah’s All-Time Favorite Gifts! This is incredible news! Our hardbound storybooks are featured on this exclusive list. Check out the magazine on news stands now!


As part of the celebration, we’re offering an amazing Oprah special! You can get an incredible deal on our 12×12 storybooks.

To make your own history, start with one of these amazing offers:

1. 12x12 coffee table-style storybook

21 customizable pages…only $69.96.

2. (10) 12×12 individual scrapbook pages

Buy 7, get 3 free! Only $29.95 for all 10. 

Go to to see this fantastic offer!

This all started because of one Heritage Makers consultant who wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Brenda Kruse, an independent consultant from Iowa, made a storybook celebrating the life of Oprah’s beloved dog, Gracie. Oprah loved the book so much that she personally called Brenda to thank her for the book and to let Brenda know that she was passing on the storybook idea to her editors at O Magazine. Now that’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. 

To see the storybook that Oprah got that started it all, go here.