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April 2009
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Real Bedtime Stories Give That Tucked-in Feeling

April 29, 2009   

Submitted by: Candace May

A new consultant named Kelly said to me recently, “Ever since you told me about Heritage Makers I just feel sad reading my kids storybooks at bedtime.” She went on to explain, “As I read about princesses and such, I think to myself how they should be hearing the stories of their grandparents. I can’t wait to get those books written.”

Kelly’s words inspired me. Tonight I told my girls they could pick a storybook out of the basket in their room. But after that story we would get to read a storybook about daddy’s grandma and mommy’s grandma. We finished the cute book about monsters and delved into the books on their great-grandmothers. First, we let Gabi (age 2) point to her grandpa’s photo and we explained that this story was about grandpa’s mommy. And she pointed out the image of “Emma” and declared proudly, “This is my poppa’s mommy.”

I only read the part in the book about when Emma was young-how her family couldn’t afford toys and how they played with bones left over from boiling in the soup pot. The long bones were fences and the short bones were the pigs and horse. The children learned about what life was like 90 years ago.

Then we read about my grandmother’s childhood. When I wrote the book, years ago, I did not intend for it to be so funny; but it was. It really showed my grandmother’s humor and zest for life. For example, my grandma liked to play a game when she was little called “Uncle Apley Come Pack a Woo Woo Home.” That alone made Ryleigh (age eight) laugh so hard I thought she was going to have an accident.

Once Ryleigh got control of herself we read the next story that sent her into fits of laughter again. Ryleigh Ruth was named after this amazing, fun-loving woman. I wonder how Ryleigh felt when I tucked her into bed tonight. I think she had that special “tucked in feeling” that comes from the magic of reading and sharing Heritage Makers storybooks.

Happy storybooking everyone!

Cookbook Contest Winners

April 17, 2009   

Thank you to all who participated in our fun Cookbook contest! We received some fabulous submissions and are so excited to announce our top choices.

 1st place: Michelle Bell

“Girls Cookbook”


To see the project, click here.

2nd place: Wendy Bailey

“Cooking with the Bailey Kids”


To see the project, click here.

3rd place: Dixie Burt

“Family Cookbook”


To see the project, click here.

Be sure to enter one of our fun contests…you could be the next winner! See all open contests here.

Pick of the Month

April 8, 2009   


Contact your consultant or visit to get your own pick of the month! This offer ends April 30, 2009

New to Heritage Makers?

April 8, 2009   

Are you new to Heritage Makers? Have you heard about this incredible concept of storybooking, but are wondering what all the fuss is about? We have the answer for you! Check out this short video all about Heritage Makers.

See why so many are catching the wave and jumping on board with this incredible product and opportunity. You’re going to love what you see!

The Power of a Scanner

April 8, 2009   

For those of us who own the Kodak s1220 for our scanning needs, we already know how amazing this scanner is. The scanner is especially powerful at workshops when sharing the importance of keeping our photos secure and safe.

Check out this valuable article talking about the benefits of scanning. Heritage Makers consultants are among those who have this high-tech, high-speed scanner available. If you have photos that need to be scanned…and protected…contact a Heritage Makers consultant today.

Press Release – Heritage Makers in the News

April 8, 2009   

Provo, Utah – April 8, 2009 – Heritage Makers, the leader in personal publishing, is pleased to announce its feature in Direct Selling News Magazine, a publication designed to help direct selling and network marketing executives manage and enhance their businesses.

Heritage Makers started in 2005 with Doug Cloward, President of Heritage Makers, and Sharon Murdoch, Heritage Makers Co-founder and board member. Their goal was to promote life’s stories through helping others discover, preserve, and celebrate their family legacies. And when they started Heritage Makers, they found that many people were looking for ways to celebrate the people in their lives and build family heritage.

With a sales force of approximately 6,000, Heritage Makers’ fast-growing business focuses on strengthening home and family through the heritage enriching power of story. Each storybook, created with personal photos and memories, becomes a treasure that is shared as a bedtime story, presented at family reunions, and displayed throughout the home. Sharon Murdoch says, “I just watch the magic of what story can do for family-it unites them, it gives them pride, it gives them a name, it gives them purpose.”

Direct Selling News tells how heritage building started from log/scrapbook-like kits that clients put together and sent in to be typeset and bound, and moved to the online digital design of today where clients can upload their photos and apply styles and effects to their own specifications. Now, Heritage Makers has 30,000 pieces of art for clients to choose from and a Template Gallery consisting of simple and beautiful designs that clients can use to create quick projects.

Using a workshop format, consultants teach others how to preserve their heritage through storybooking. Doug Cloward explains, “Our consultants are teachers. They hold what we call workshops, and they share with people how they use the technology to create a number of print projects that are focused on celebrating the events and heroes of their lives.” The 130 percent sales growth in January of 2008 is evidence of the hard work and dedication of all Heritage Makers consultants.

Termed as the “next generation of family historians” by Doug Cloward, Heritage Makers continues to promote family unity, heritage, and legacy through the unique concept of storybooking. Heritage Makers executives and consultants are confident that their products will continue to enrich lives everywhere, and are dedicated to sharing the excitement of storybooking with everyone they talk to.  Says Chris Lee, CEO of Heritage Makers, “We love our products and we are blessed to have found so many sales consultants who feel the same way.”

To create one of Heritage Makers storybooks and other products, go to to create a free online account. Heritage Makers’ publishing platform runs on a Mac or PC. Heritage Makers enables anyone to preserve family stories, strengthen relationships, and build self-esteem with unique, creative, and personalized heritage-building products.

About the Company

Heritage Makers is a company and a community that believes in the power of strengthening family relationships through storybooks. Heritage Makers publishing platform is easy-to-use and simple enough to help anyone make a book-families, photographers, creative professionals, artists, writers, or anyone else with a story to tell. With Heritage Makers unique online publishing process, these stories can be preserved forever in custom hardbound books and related projects. In addition, Heritage Makers offers a unique income-building opportunity for its consultant sales force and anyone interested in binding families together.