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August 2009
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Heritage Makers Cards

August 20, 2009   

Submitted by Candace May


I went to the mail box yesterday and was surprised to see… not one… but four Heritage Makers cards! Two of the cards were to congratulate me on a new baby boy, one card was for my upcoming birthday, and one was addressed to my 2-year-old from her grandma! I just loved receiving these custom-made cards! They were sent with a lot of thoughtfulness and care.



I always use Heritage Makers for all my thank-you, congratulations, birthday etc. cards. But to receive the cards was an eye-opener. They made me realize how wonderful our Heritage Makers card service is. 


On January 1st I made a New Year’s resolutions to send my dad a Heritage Makers card every month. I wanted to help him feel connected to me and my little family. My dad doesn’t have an email account and he has no clue how to blog or twitter, so a card in the mail is perfect. Sometimes I use a photo from our past, when I was a little girl, and sometimes I use a photo from a recent family event. I write a little update message in the card and hit “direct ship.” Then presto, the card gets on its way! The cost is wonderfully inexpensive, less than purchasing a generic card at the store and mailing it. 


If you haven’t experienced “direct ship” and the wonders of Heritage Makers greeting cards, I challenge you to give it a try. Wait until you feel the little prompting that says, “She could really use a boost” or “I haven’t talked to _____ for a long time.” Then go into your Heritage Studio and make a card to delight the recipient. You will be glad you did and, like me, you might just get addicted.