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August 2009
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Share Your Heritage Makers Projects

August 28, 2009   

Want to share your Heritage Makers projects on your email, blog, Facebook, or another site? Heritage Makers is working to update the embed option but, in the meantime, you can easily post your projects by following these simple steps:

1.In your My Studio, go to the My Projects folder.

2.Right click on the project thumbnail of the project you want to post.

3.Select copy from the dropdown.

4.Paste the image into your email, blog, Facebook, or other site.

5.Add a link.

      a.If the post is in an email, you can add the hyperlink to the image.

      b.If the post is in a blog, simply add the words “Check out my book” to
        the post and hyperlink them.

      c.If the post is on Facebook, such as in a note, do the same as you
        would a blog, except you will need to use html. Follow the
        instructions on the link “format your note” found under the not text

Your post should then look like this:

Check this out!

#18 in Utah’s Fast 50

August 28, 2009   

Heritage Makers is receiving some incredible attention at this time. You know about our ranking in Inc 500 as #132. We are excited that our company is being noticed and we are excited about the amazing growth we continue to see. But, did you know we made #18 in Utah’s Fast 50 list?

Heritage Makers was recognized as one of the fasted growing and revenue-generating companies in Utah by Utah Business magazine. You can find out more about what being #18 in the Utah’s Fast 50 means in the September issue of Utah Business or at