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October 2009
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Holiday Shipping Dates

October 22, 2009   

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…Holiday Shipping Dates!

Order your Heritage Makers gifts by the date below in order to receive items by December 24, 2009.





November 30 (First Class)

December 3 (Standard)

December 7 (Express)


Other products:           

November 30 (First Class/Direct Ship Cards)

December 3 (Standard)

December 7 (Express)             


United States



December 2 (Ground and Priority)

December 7 (Two-day)

December 10 (Next day)


Other products:           

December 11 (Ground and Priority)

December 14 (Direct Ship Cards/Two-day)

December 16 (Next day)

Teague’s Story by Candace May…Part Two

October 22, 2009   

The second evening in the hospital, you were watching TV with Dad and you said that your eye felt funny and that you couldn’t see out very well. I reported it to the nurse and within a few minutes it was like an emergency room. Doctors were there and they were discussing what to do. You were losing sight in your left eye. They decided to start chemo early as your tumor was a very aggressive one.

Mommy and Daddy asked our bishop to come say a special prayer with you. In the morning you felt so much better and I said, “You know why you are feeling so much better don’t you?  It is because of these nurses and doctors…”

You cut me off and said, “No, Mom. It is because of…” and pointed to the heavens. You inspired us through this whole struggle. You led the way with your ability to believe.

Daddy hated to leave you and Mommy each night. He had to go take care of Ryleigh and go to work to earn money. But as he left each night, he said something that also inspired us: “Teague, remember that you have the heart of a lion, the strength of an elephant, and you are my hero.” At age six you loved animals and I think this helped you to know just how strong you were.

After about a week you were again well enough to get up and play a little. There were bikes you could ride for fun. We called you “Fonz” as you were the only one on the floor with hair. The chemo treatment seemed to be working as you started to breathe through your nose again!

So many people were kind to us. Cards, gifts, money, and even shaving their heads to support us! We posted a blog at so loved ones could stay in touch.

I will always remember how you were hooked up to your pole. You didn’t like that and would complain that I couldn’t keep up when you rode the bike and you preferred dad to follow you with your pole.

You stayed in the hospital for about a month before you were allowed to come home. You usually were home for a week and then you’d get an infection and be back in the hospital again. We lived about 40 minutes from the hospital and if you ever got a fever we had to have you in within an hour.

You played hard when you were home! We would need to go in to get you a blood transfusion and you’d be running all over the playground!

After having a really hard six weeks of radiation the Yankees came to town and life was good again! Daddy & Uncle Ron made it possible for you sit in the dugout during batting practice! You met all the Yankee greats. They signed a ball just for you. It was the best day!


Daddy’s friends joked, “How did Trent qualify for Make-A-Wish?” Your real Make-A-Wish was a wonderful playhouse. We were so grateful for all the wonderful experiences you were given.

Storybooking is a celebration of life. Celebrate yours today.

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