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January 2010
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Photo of the Week

January 29, 2010   

I love this one and I love the story that goes with it. The best photos are truly the ones that come with a story. Thank you, Patty Reiser.

Hobby #6: Just Wanted to Say…

January 26, 2010   

One hobby that will keep you going is card making. There is always a reason for making and sending cards, whether it is saying “happy birthday,” “thank you,” “get well,” or “thinking of you.” Try out these fun templates as you add card making to your list.

 Have a wedding coming up? Make sure your guests save the date by sending them a “save the date” card. Save the Date designed by Anne Degreef (Template ID: 19077) is a perfect example of a fun, inviting card for wedding guests.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. You still have time to get your Valentine’s cards made and ordered to get them in time for Valentine’s Day. Plus, Valentine’s is not the only reason to tell someone you love them. Say, “I love you,” with XOXO designed by Kelly Barquin (Template ID: 5592).

Thanks to You designed by Michelle Bell (Template ID: 19747) is a cute card that will make the recipient feel special. 

And don’t forget about the precious occasions. Baby Girl Announcement designed by Autumn Moses (Template ID: 19039) is the perfect way to announce the birth of your baby.

There are so many fun activities and crafts you can add to your hobby list this year. All it takes is imagination, which you have plenty of, and a Studio account. Log on into  your My Studio and begin creating today.

Featured Project 365

January 22, 2010   

Okay, here is this weeks Featured photo by J. Lange Images. I love this one… something about the boy’s face and where he is sitting. And the story that goes with it is great too.

Hobby #5: Fun for Everyone

January 21, 2010   

You can do more than decorate and make storybooks. One of the perks of Studio is you can do whatever your imagination thinks of. And that includes making games.

You’ll want to make sure you add making games to your hobby list this year. And we don’t have just card games, but board games, as well, in our Template Gallery. Take a look at what kind of games you can make:

You’ll love the Shiver Me Timbers Template designed by Wenda Top (Template ID 5757). Personalizing your cards with your family’s photos and a fun themes always makes the game that much better.

You’re kids will love the sports themed playing cards. HM Football Trading Cards designed by Roxanne Buchholz (Template ID: 19928) is perfect for showing off your football star.

Make a fun photo checker board game with A Checkered Past designed by Darcie Toom (Template ID: 16663). The whole family will have hours of fun with this game.

You’ll love the How My Day Will Be! Spinner designed by Shara and David Darke (Template ID: 20353). All the directions for putting it together are right there. 

And, of course, there are so many other templates you can choose from in the Template Gallery. Just search “game” and you will find personalized templates for the games you love to play.

Hobby #4: [Your name]’s Home Décor

January 19, 2010   

One of the most fun hobbies is decorating the home. Maybe it’s buying a new chair, crocheting a new rug, putting in a fireplace, or making heritage projects.

When thinking of hobbies this year, you can’t forget to put canvases, posters, and other Heritage Makers projects on your lists. With a Studio account, you can find many ideas to add to your home décor. Just take a look at these ideas:

A canvas is perfect for your wedding pictures. Try a design like Wedding Canvas designed by Bianca Szyperski (Template ID: 2043).

A family photo canvas above your fireplace would give the finishing touch on your livingroom. Try Fall Family Canvas designed by Darcie Toom (Template ID: 20612).

You can use more than canvases and posters to decorate your home. Try the Block Photo Holder designed by Lynda Angelastro (Template ID: 21682). You can put this photo holder anywhere—on your mantel, your TV, your kitchen counter, your window seal…

Personalize your tumblers with Heidi’s Winter Wonder Tumbler Template designed by Heidi Jackson (Template ID: 20705). Such a design will add a little extra personalization to your dishes.

And don’t forget about the clock. You can give that final touch to any room with the Beach Themed Clock designed by Lisa Delange (Template ID: 17526). Keep this design or change it to fit your style.

You’re sports kids will love a personalized sports poster. The HM Soccer Poster 24×18 designed by Roxanne Buchholz (Template ID: 20876) is the perfect piece for your soccer star’s room.

10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions – #10

January 15, 2010   

By: Brenda Kruse


While it’s easy to think of creating a storybook about the big events and monumental moments like special vacations/trips, weddings, holidays and milestones/tributes, we can’t forget our every-day existence either. A fellow HM consultant (Amy Angeli) created a “30 Days Hath September” storybook that chronicled the more-mundane moments of life at home, work, family, friends, favorites, and more. It’s a classic snapshot of her life at this point in time — now safely and creatively preserved for good. I would be willing to bet that all of us would enjoy reading a “day in the life” journal of when our parents and grandparents were younger.

Others have done a 24-hour review of a typical day as told through the “voice” of various family members. I just discovered a “Project 365” template from Darci Toom in the Gallery. With a single daily photo & brief caption, this storybook will result in an annual album showcasing your whole year in pictures. These are both brilliant ideas that inspire me!

That’s my Top 10 for 2010 — heritage-making resolutions for the new year! I look forward to 365 days from now when I can review my  photos, scans, journaled memories, greeting cards, games and storybooks that were created and preserved this year! What will YOU do this year?

Hobby #3: Dinner Dates

January 14, 2010   

It’s time to cook it up with the family, with a date, with… all the people you love to be with. I’m sure you have some great recipes you would like to organize for just such events. But, ugh. Organize…

Maybe it’s not the most fun word in the English dictionary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. Make organizing your recipes a fun hobby by putting them in a book or on recipe cards. Plus, you get to decorate your recipes just the way you want. Take a look at these fun ideas:

Compile  your recipes in the book that’s perfect for recipes: the wire-bound book. You can include photos, recipes, and fun stories in this book that lays flat to make your cooking that much better. Take a look at Family Favorites designed by Sharon Asher (Template ID: 19600) for fun design ideas.

The playing cards make great recipe cards for your own recipe box or to give away as a present. Recipes designed by Sara Boster (Template ID: 6592) is a great example of how you can design these cards for any recipe.

Don’t forget the swatch book. It’s perfect for recipes on the go. Maybe you need to take a bunch of recipes to grandma’s house for thanksgiving. Or maybe your daughter would like to take something small and tote-able with her to college. Holiday Recipes designed by Michelle Wolfley (Template ID: 20591) doesn’t have to be used just for the holidays, but can be changed to fit your personal style. Take a look.

10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions – #8 and #9

January 14, 2010   

By: Brenda Kruse


While it depends on the age of your children, it’s hard to beat the family fun from playing together. Scheduling an official weekly time to play is probably a better way to make sure it happens regularly. In days past, your only choice was board games that came from a store and card games, typically variations from a standard deck of cards.

I’ve decided it’s even more family-focused to tie together the family memories AND the family game-playing. So I’ve been making many HM games from the cute templates in the gallery. This Christmas, I made us the Go Fish/Memory deck of playing cards. And our own version of CandyLand.

Last year, I made a 2008 BINGO game and plan to create an edition each year. Instead of using family faces for it, I made it into a ‘yearbook’ of sorts. With the 52 cards, I was able to use feature about 4 photos per month to highlight our fondest, most fun memories of the year. In one game, we can re-live our whole year of excitement and experiences, complete with entertainment! There are so many fun game ideas in the Template Gallery that take very little time to customize and complete.


A year before O Magazine’s Editor At Large Gayle King raved about this concept on Good Morning America, I’d been talking about it and meaning to do my own version. Well, it’s time to truly put it into print…literally! Now that I’ve found most of my childhood photos and have scanned many of them, I want to explore those memories and share my “former” life with children. I know they’ll be fascinated by much of what I reveal, and the “looking back” process is sure to be somewhat therapeutic (not to mention lots of fun) for me!

Every mom would appreciate knowing what their moms were like before getting that special lifelong title of “Mom.” If your mom and/or grandmothers are still alive, wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to work together to create their special storybook of “Before I Was Your Mother?” Of course, this is just as important for the dad/father/grandfather side as well. Stop talking and start writing! Pick a template and play with it!

Best in Utah Valley

January 13, 2010   

Heritage Makers was recently named as #2 best product in Utah Valley! We’re thrilled with the honor. Our commitment to quality and heritage-enriching products is certainly being noticed.


Read the article in Utah Valley Magazine here.

And while you’re at it, check out this great article in the same issue featuring our own Hallie Redd!

10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions – #7

January 13, 2010   

By: Brenda Kruse


Despite my best efforts to spend time each month figuring out what cards need to be created and mailed to loved ones, I know that things will come up at the last minute and it would be nice to have a card on hand. Because of the week or two lead-time needed to create, publish and mail a Heritage Makers greeting card, that doesn’t always work in a pinch.

So if I simply create a batch of more-generic but still more-custom cards for thank yous, birthdays, sympathy, just because, thinking of you, congrats, and such — I’ll be prepared for whatever comes up along the way. I can keep my own mini inventory of cards ready to hand out or mail out on a minute’s notice. Then I won’t have to pay for over-priced store cards and I won’t be sending special but belated ones either.