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January 2010
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January Pick of the Month

January 4, 2010   

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10 for 2010 – Heritage Making New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2010   

By: Brenda Kruse, Independent Personal Publishing Consultant

I know that some experts say to pick just ONE New Year’s resolution so you have a better shot at being successful. However, the 10 for 2010 seems as catchy as a bumper sticker and I’m all about the phrase that pays so I wanted to come up with my own Top 10 for 2010 List ┬áthat I’ll strive for all year long once 1/1/10 rolls around. Maybe I’ll opt to take on one each month and give myself 2 months off? Maybe if I skipped July and December, I could catch up? I hope my list of ambitious goals and good intentions will inspire and motivate you to do some variation of these 10 things as well.


Every year in late December I vow to be better at this…put on more of my family and friends’ birthdays and special dates so I can at least email, call or send a card to help celebrate. I want something very functional yet fun and creative — even something my kids can use too. Instead of just using my phone’s calendar feature, I want to have a more visual, lasting memento of my year.

At first I wasn’t sold on the idea of a photo-based calendar because the photos were a whole year old and too out-dated. But now that I’ve done a calendar for the past 3 years, I realize that’s the best part! Looking back at what my kids & I did (& looked like) a whole year ago is a mini trip down memory lane each month. I try to keep the photos on each month matching the month it was shot as much as I can so it’s a timely summary of our previous year at a glance. Unless you procrastinate until after Christmas to create the month of December, that’s usually the only month that’s either 2 years old or just a mix of general ones. In the end, I’ve come to realize that doesn’t really matter — but having my whole year of memories on the wall to enjoy and use is truly memorable! So I’m on my calendar creating mission right now. I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator so I usually don’t get to enjoy the first few weeks of my calendar’s “January” but that still leaves a LOT of days in the year!

Stay tuned for nine more heritage making resolutions!