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February 2010
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Women’s History Month

February 23, 2010   

The women in our lives have done so much for us, from raising us, to teaching us how to sew and cook, to comforting our broken hearts… and on and on. So, it’s time to celebrate and honor those women, even you.

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Photo of the Week (Feb. 19)

February 19, 2010   

I love this picture from Lisa Klipfel. The shot is perfect and makes for a great story.

Weddings Month

February 19, 2010   

I think every month must be weddings month. There are certainly enough of them listed in the newspaper. But, February is certainly a great time to have a wedding and celebrate a relationship.

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Keep Working Your HM Project 365

February 18, 2010   

Let’s face it. HMProject 365 sounded so much fun in the beginning, but now we’re forgetting to take those pictures, getting busy with other things, and feeling bad for missing so many days of photo taking already.

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Your Template is Approved – Master Class

February 17, 2010   

Have you ever wanted to design templates for Heritage Makers? Do you have a great idea for a storybook, gallery-wrapped canvas, or even a calendar you want to share in the Heritage Makers template gallery? Now’s your chance! Join us for a fabulous webinar with Lynda Angelastro, former managing editor of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, to find out how you can get your templates approved.

Thursday, Feb. 25th at 7:00 p.m. (MST)

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Laugh-Friendly Month

February 17, 2010   

This is one of my favorite celebrations this month. The best moments are the moments of laughter. And it’s laughter that can carry us through the hard times. So, the point of this celebration? To honor laughter and friendship. Here’s how you can celebrate Heritage Makers style:


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Six Ready-Made Canvas Templates

February 17, 2010   

Winter is fading away and spring is on our doorstep. In fact, you can almost smell spring in the air at the Heritage Makers home office. Which got us thinking here, “What are some fun bust-the-winter-blues, spring-time projects?” Here’s the perfect thing for you…ready-made, gallery-wrapped canvas. All you have to do is select the canvas print you want, order it through Heritage Makers Studio, and hang on your wall! Voila! You’ve got an instant update to your home décor. And you can have the gallery-wrapped canvas ready to be shipped in just a matter of seconds (seriously). No shopping, no mess, no crowds at the store. Simple, beautiful, gallery-wrapped canvases ready to adorn the walls of your home.


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International Boost Self-esteem Month

February 12, 2010   

Everyone needs a self-esteem booster now and then. They need to feel important and that their talents matter. Your part in this is just another form of sharing love. For parents, this is especially important. It’s hard hearing a child say they don’t feel they matter.

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Consultants at Time Out for Women

February 9, 2010   

This last weekend Heritage Makers had a blast at the Time Out for Women event in Ogden, UT. The crowds were big and the consultants were able to talk to a lot of people. And best of all, they were sharing what they love most about their business: the magic of storybooking.

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Arranging Elements

February 8, 2010   



The bottom of the “Toolbox,” displays five icons that are visible no matter which tab you are viewing.

From here you can lock in place and arrange stack order of backgrounds, photos, embellishments and text boxes. When you arrange the stack order of an object you can send it to back (this will push the object behind all elements on the page), send backward (this will send it behind one element with each click), bring forward (this will bring the object closer to the front with each click), or bring to front (this will bring the object all the way to the front).

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