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February 2010
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It’s a Family Affair

February 4, 2010   

Heidi Jackson, a Heritage Makers consultant from Canada shows us her 5-year-old daughter getting into the spirit of Heritage Makers!


Creative Romance Month

February 4, 2010   

February has a lot of great cultural celebrations, and one of them just happens to be Creative Romance Month. Of course, this is not surprising considering that the all-time-favorite love holiday of the year shares this month.

But to the point… why celebrate Creative Romance Month? Why not celebrate it? It gives us a great excuse to keep our creative juices flowing and to keep the romance going. There are so many things you can do to celebrate the month, but I’ve got a suggestion that will keep the romance more than just a memory in months to come.

Try preserving your romance, your love, your special relationship… on a canvas. All you need is a picture, a few simple words, and a canvas.

Picture – You can have a lot of fun with this. Take a picture of your wedding rings, on your hand or by themselves. Take a picture of your hands holding each other. Take a picture of your heads together, as you stare into each other’s eyes. Take a picture of your backs turned to the camera as one head lies on the other’s shoulder. There are so many stories you can tell with the right setting.

Words – You can use words such as these to display on your canvas: love, my forever, together forever, one, never ending, etc.

The canvas – The design options are endless, but here’s a great idea to start from:

The most Beautiful Day
Designed by Shari McLaws
16×20 canvas
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