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April 2010
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Featuring Clue at Digital Scrapbook Playground

April 29, 2010   

If you’re looking for more motivation, creative ideas, and social networking with other scrapbookers, Digital Scrapbook Playground is where you want to be. Created by Heritage Makers consultant Wenda Top, this interactive site allows you to share your project and template ideas, get feedback, and make new friends. Plus, you can participate in Digital Survivor, a creative layout challenge that pushes your creative skills to their best.

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Best of Heritage Awards: Show Us Your Projects

April 28, 2010   


It’s that time of year again when we are looking for our Best of Heritage winners. This special contest is a chance for you to show off your storybooks and projects and tell us why you feel it deserves recognition.

In the past we have awarded for Best Heritage Past, Present, and Future. But with our growing storybooking numbers and product line, we’ve decided it’s time for a fun change.

This year we are featuring the following project types in the Best of Heritage contest:

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Science Project with Heritage Makers

April 27, 2010   


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Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2010   

It’s Earth Day!

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The Best Kept Secret

April 21, 2010   

What is the best kept secret? Last Christmas Heritage Makers  consultant Tricia Carleton learned exactly what the best kept secret is as she helped a mother and daughter make recipe books for each other as a surprise. Can you imagine how they felt as they opened each other’s gifts on Christmas morning? These two women truly knew how to celebrate each other.

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Jar of Tears

April 19, 2010   

Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to celebrate the women in your life. And no matter how you celebrate, the message always communicates clearly. Just take the following for example.

Aldine Allen knew just how to celebrate her mother last Christmas. She created a book of all her father’s stories he wrote to her mother. She celebrated not only her father’s beautiful work, but also his love for a special woman.

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April 16, 2010   

Celebrating women in your life can be done many different ways. But it’s always nice to come back to family. Robin Kingsbury did just that by celebrating her grandmother as a gift to her mother. She put together the following book with her grandmother’s talented writing pieces. And you bet her mother loved the gift.

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HM Template Gallery Scavenger Hunt

April 16, 2010   

Congratulations to our Template Gallery Scavenger Hunt winners:

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Before I Was Your Mother

April 12, 2010   

These are simple words with a huge impact. Imagine all the stories that children want and need to hear about their mother’s life before having kids. Her whole life has been one incredible adventure, with experiences growing up, going to school, working, falling in love… Imagine how much closer a child and mother can become with such a story.

Heritage Makers consultant Melodie Jones witnessed first-hand just how powerful such a story is for the whole family.

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Sisters are Forever Friends

April 9, 2010   

Although a mother is special in oh so many ways, there are other people to be celebrated this Mother’s Day. Think of grandma, aunt, sister, friend. Let them know how special you know they are.

Deb Jones did just that last Christmas. With a simple scrap page, she showed her sisters exactly how she felt about them.

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