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January 2013
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Online Scrapbooking: Finding Inspiration Where You Least Expect It

January 30, 2013   

In a world of online scrapbooking, we all know what it feels like to find our creativity well running dry. Oftentimes, it happens simply because we don’t know where to turn for new ideas. The good news is – inspiration is everywhere! Throughout our lifetime, we accumulate hundreds of mementos and objects, and our homes are the perfect place to discover inspiration.

By using treasured belongings and memories to inspire your online scrapbooking, you are creating a personal connection between your story and your art. Here are a few ideas for finding inspiration under your own roof!

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January 29, 2013   

Heritage Makers Recognizes Highest-Achieving Consultants with Luxury Caribbean Cruise

Provo, Utah, January 25, 2012 – Heritage Makers, a Utah-based digital scrapbooking company, invited its “Top Achievers Club” on a week-long, incentive cruise from January 14-18. As a reward for their success and contribution to Heritage Makers, top-achieving digital publishing consultants—and their guests—spent five days cruising the Caribbean.

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Color Trend for Your Custom Keepsake Projects: Mint

January 24, 2013   

Looking for some ‘refreshing’ inspiration for your upcoming digital scrapbooking projects? Look no further than the cool color trend of 2013—mint! Mint is showing up in a big way in fashion, weddings, and home decor.  This subdued, lighter version of emerald can be combined with a number of great colors.

So how can you incorporate it into your custom books, cards, and other projects?  Here are a few templates to inspire you!

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Show Your Love All Year Long With Custom Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 16, 2013   

Show Your Love All Year Long with Custom Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is nearing, and it’s time to start thinking about ways we can express our love to those who matter most. We probably all agree that the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

While chocolate and flowers are nice—there really are more meaningful and lasting ways to show we care.

With Heritage Makers, you can personalize and give heartfelt greetings and gifts that will be treasured long after February 14th.

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Creating Magic Moments with Personalized Photo Gifts

January 9, 2013   

Think of the memories you have growing up – the ones that probably stand out the most are the little things, right? Baking cookies with mom, family game nights, helping dad fix the car…but how many of us have photos capturing these ‘magic moments’?

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Traditional scrapbooking VS Digital scrapbooking – Exhibit A

January 4, 2013   













3 years of Cari Schnepp’s life—before and after. Need we say more?

New Year, New Beginnings: Creating a 2013 Personalized Calendar

January 3, 2013   

With the holiday season behind us, it’s the perfect time to begin creating a fun digital scrapbooking project for the New Year!  Your 2012 calendar has seen the last of its days and it’s time to flip open the first page to a fresh, new year. Isn’t there something exciting about that? All those blank squares represent days, weeks, and months yet to be experienced.

By creating your own personalized calendar, you can enjoy your favorite photos and memories 365 days a year. Whether each month features your favorite memories from the past year, or special events such as birthdays, weddings and holidays, you can add your own photos and text to create a personalized calendar that is unique to you. And with the recent updates we’ve made to our most popular templates with 2013 dates, there are plenty of excellent, predesigned calendars just waiting for your personal touch!

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