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February 2013
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Tips for Taking Better Indoor Photos for your Digital Photo Albums

February 26, 2013   

The cold winter weather keeps forcing us inside, but that doesn’t mean the quality of your photos has to suffer! There are plenty of opportunities to capture memories indoors and take stunning photos for your digital photo albums. Taking indoor photos can be tricky because lighting (or lack thereof) is unfavorable and setting is often less inspiring. So, we’ve come up with a few simple tips to help you improve your photos instantly!

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February 22, 2013   

Heritage Makers Introduces the PhotoSafe Archival Disc: A Long-Lasting, Secure Storage Option

Provo, Utah, January 25, 2012 – Heritage Makers, a Utah-based digital scrapbooking company, recently introduced its newest product: the PhotoSafe Archival Disc. The company is offering archival discs as a second backup solution, increasing disc storage potential from seven years to 1,000. Members can now have peace of mind that their digital photos are both easily accessible and fully protected.

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Magic Moments for Storybooks: February

February 21, 2013   

Each month, we are surprised with moments that aren’t always planned. Sometimes, they become some of the best memories. Big or small, each one of these moments is special, because it’s unique to you and those that you shared it with. These moments also present perfect photo-taking opportunities to capture memories and create storybooks for our little ones to look back on as they grow up, or to share with loved ones who are far away.

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Digital Scrapbooking: If Only I Had Known!

February 18, 2013   

We recently posted on our Facebook page asking our fans to fill in the following blank: “If only I had known ________________ before I started scrapbooking.”  To be honest, your answers didn’t surprise us! There is a common thread among those who make the move from traditional to digital scrapbooking and it boils down to simplifying their lives. Time, space and cost are all factors that motivate us to make changes to the way we do things, and going digital is just one more way to save you on all of them. That’s a key reason Heritage Makers is a preferred option for creating photo keepsakes.

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Snapshot Stories: A Simple Way to Create Digital Photo Albums

February 13, 2013   

You have a collection of digital photos from your little one’s last birthday and want to find a way to showcase them, but can’t seem to find enough time to make it happen. Sound familiar? Our jobs, families and daily responsibilities keep us busy, and we can’t always dedicate the time we would like to preserve the memories that are flying by. Time, or lack thereof, directs us to simple solutions that will help us document life’s precious moments – yet still create beautiful, high-quality keepsakes.

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