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April 2013
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Free Premier Weekend

April 30, 2013   

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2013 Best of Heritage Nominations

April 30, 2013   

It’s time to tell us about a great project you’ve done, or a project you’ve seen, that truly fulfills and honors the mission of Heritage Makers.

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Cherish Your Child’s Unique Spirit: Self-Esteem Storybooks Make Little Hearts Soar

April 29, 2013   

One of the most important jobs we have as parents is helping our children be healthy and happy! A strong sense of self-esteem is your child’s armor against the challenges of the world. When your kids feel good about themselves, they grow into the amazing adults you know they will be. They’re strong, independent, confident, and they make the world a better place. read more …


April 24, 2013   

Whether it’s from kindergarten, high school or college, graduation is a milestone to celebrate! We congratulate achievement and recognize the end of one stage of life and the progression into another.

Do you have a graduate to congratulate and honor this year? Or perhaps you have some graduation photos hiding away on a hard drive or in a shoebox? From graduations past to graduations present, we’ve got some great templates that will inspire and help you celebrate and remember those special achievements! Type “graduation” into the Template Gallery search box, and you’ll see over 100 graduation-themed projects. read more …

Precious Memories: 6 Unique Ways to Display Your Photobooks and Keepsakes

April 18, 2013   

Get those photos you take off your camera and off your hard drive! Using family photobooks and other photo keepsakes for decorating can make your home seem even more warm and inviting. And what better way to remind yourself of the memories you cherish? You’ll smile every day you walk by the photos that capture your family’s favorite moments.

So what’s the best way to show your photos off to their best advantage? Here are some great ideas to inspire you! read more …

Heritage Makers Releases New Online Scrapbooking Templates to Honor Moms Everywhere this Mother’s Day

April 16, 2013   

Capture and cherish the special memories of Mother’s Day with online scrapbooking keepsake gifts

Provo, Utah–April 16, 2013–Heritage Makers is proud to announce the release of its latest collection of customizable digital templates for online scrapbooking. In celebration of Mother’s Day, the new templates are designed to help scrapbookers honor the mothers in their liveswith thoughtful and loving photo keepsakes.

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Life Lessons That Online Scrapbooking Can Teach Us

April 11, 2013   

Online scrapbooking is our favorite way to capture meaningful events and memories—so they’ll last a lifetime. But it can also be so much more! Here are some of the lessons online scrapbooking has taught us along the way.
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A Storybook to Cherish

April 8, 2013   

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.”
—Jill Churchill

A couple of years after Kay Rytting’s husband died, some of her children began to worry that she was starting to feel that she had not been a great mother. When Laura Rytting, Kay’s daughter-in-law, heard about this concern, she knew just what to do—after all, she is a Heritage Maker! What Kay needed was a meaningful Mother’s Day gift, a storybook, filled with heart-felt thoughts and memories from her grown children.

“My husband is one of 12 siblings,” says Laura, “and they aren’t a verbally gushing type of family. But I knew if I gave them a chance to express their feelings of appreciation toward their mother, they would all jump on board.”

As it turned out, Laura was right! All 12 children replied almost immediately, and were eager to be a part of this special gift. read more …

Big News!

April 1, 2013   

For stunning home decor, try your creative hand at our new, big 36 x 24 wrapped canvas! Make magnificent works of art with baby and family portraits, engagement and wedding photos, memorable vacation shots and much more!

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