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June 2016
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Custom Canvas Arrangements

June 30, 2016   

What could be better than decorating your home with special photos of your cherished loved ones? With the custom wrapped canvases from Heritage Makers, it is so easy to create beautiful canvas arrangements that spotlight the love in your home. In this article, we will spotlight some lovely examples, submitted by you, of our fabulous wrapped canvases being used to create some lovely gallery walls and grouped canvas displays.

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Coming Soon to Your World!

June 29, 2016   

Our Memories for Life has a new collection available on July 1st – It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds. This colorful collection targets the children in your life, but I’m pretty sure you can find uses for the non-children in your life as well.


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Loving Summer

June 28, 2016   

I love summer and all the fun events and family gatherings it brings with it! I also love documenting these activities through photos and scrapbook pages.



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Vacations and Sports Studio U Style

June 23, 2016   

Does Studio U inspire you, give you new ideas, get your brain thinking of things to try? We hope so! This month we looked at templates and ideas for using your vacation and sport photos. If you missed class, you can watch the recording or keep reading for a brief recap.

Brooke Tropical Adventure book cover

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Going Beyond Red, White, & Beautiful

June 22, 2016   

The colors and patterns in Red, White, & Beautiful by Katie Pertiet lend itself to work with several solid color cardstocks and other collections. Today we’ll explore a few options.


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Stories and Photos Matter

June 21, 2016   

Today I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite charitable organizations, My Story Matters. 


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A Few FAQs

June 16, 2016   

Life can get pretty busy, wouldn’t you say? The last thing you want is to be on hold waiting for a Customer Service agent to give you information you can find online yourself! To help you out, we have gathered five of the most common questions asked by Heritage Makers customers and provided the answers. read more …

Custom Borders and Journal Cards

June 15, 2016   

Most days I’m all about getting things done, including scrapbooking. But I also have times when it is fun to slow down and be creative, change things up a bit. That was the case when I created these borders and journal cards using the Red, White, & Beautiful by Katie Pertiet collection.


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Heed My Warning

June 14, 2016   

I don’t generally believe fear is a good way (or the right way) to motivate people. But if a danger is real, then it’s got to be appropriate to provide some warning.

So here it is: your digital photos are at risk for loss. This isn’t a fanatical opinion; it’s simply true. And as I see it, it’s the number one reason to print your favorite photos today!


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Celebrating Dad!

June 9, 2016   

Dad, Pop, Father, Daddy, Old Man. Whatever you call your dad, his special day is just around the corner and we’ve got a few ideas you can use to make him feel special.

Rebecca Happy Fathers Day card

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