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July 2016
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Studio U: Card Trends

July 28, 2016   

We took a slightly different approach to Studio U this month and covered trends and how to use them when creating cards and invitations. We divided the trends into three groups: color combinations, icons, and styles. To see all the trends and projects, you can watch the recording. Here are some highlights from the class.


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Get Ready for Halloween and Pets

July 27, 2016   

I know we aren’t supposed to wish our life away, but some things just get me so excited that it’s hard not to count down the days. Well the new Frightful & Furry by Lauren Hinds collection from Our Memories for Life is available on August 1 and is so darn cute that I am looking forward to that day in a big way. It could be those dog designs or maybe it’s the festive pumpkins. I’ll let you decide!


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Strangers in a Box

July 26, 2016   
Lately, my thoughts have been turning to my ancestors. I came across this poem by Pamela A. Harazim and just had to share. I hope it inspires you to gather and preserve the stories of your past!

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The Heritage Makers Template Gallery

July 21, 2016   


Did you know that brand new templates are added to the Heritage Makers Template Gallery every week? Did you know that you can submit projects that you have created from scratch as templates for others to use and love? Did you know that you can find coordinating templates in the Template Gallery to make fun sets for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and all other occasions? read more …

Mix and Match with Ease!

July 20, 2016   

What have you noticed about the It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds collection? You’re right! There are two sets of 2″ Border Strips, each with themes, and the designer cardstock, pocket journal cards, and pocket border strips have designs that work with everything. As Suzanne likes to say, it’s the Garanimals approach (you know the clothes line that was introduced years ago, and is still available today, that had different animal tags so you could quickly identify by the tag which tops went with which bottoms). Let me show you a few examples.


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Christmas in July with Anthology DIY

July 19, 2016   

Do you ever wonder who started the concept of Christmas in July? Technically, the sixth month mark is in June so why don’t we do Christmas in June? July does sound better. Regardless, we’re taking advantage of this trend with a Christmas in July sale on two Anthology DIY kits – Christmas Wishes Paper Collection and Holiday Nifty Gifties Kit. Both are 40% off until July 31st and if you’re like me, seeing the possibilities sells me every time.


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Christmas in July Countdowns

July 15, 2016   

Does July get you thinking about Christmas? It does me! And while I don’t recommend starting a countdown this month, it is a good time to start getting ready for the holidays so you can sit back and enjoy them once they arrive. And with the 11×14 prints, 18×24 prints, and Metal Prints on sale this month, making countdowns for the holidays will save you money as well as help get you prepared.

Days Until Christmas

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Creating Movement in Your Pages

July 13, 2016   

As you create your pages, think about how you want those looking at your pages to move around the photos. This typically has to do with the direction the focal point of the photo is pointing. The most effective layouts have a smooth flow rather than having the viewer’s eye jumping around. To help you see how this works, I’ve selected a few pages and added arrows that show the direction the image is directing the eye.


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Beyond Photos – Interview Your Kids

July 12, 2016   

One of the best ways to capture the likes, dislikes, dreams, hopes, fears, perceptions, and personalities of children is by interviewing them on a  regular basis.  Yearly or semi-annual question and answer sessions provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with and show your children how special they are to you. You also may discover surprising new insights about your child! When you write down their answers, you create a precious record of their lives that you can enjoy and share for generations.


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Celebrate Family

July 7, 2016   

How do you preserve your cherished family occasions? Whether it be memorable vacations, thrilling sports events, or simple days at home, there is always something to celebrate that you’ll want to remember in the years to come. This week we have a few ideas on how to do just that, along with spotlighting our July sale items: 11 x 14 Prints, 18 x 24 Posters, and all Metal Prints.

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