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November 2016
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Solid to the Core Cardstock

November 30, 2016   

We’re so excited to share the latest product – Solid Core Cardstock. These new cardstocks come in 25 colors with 10 sheets to a package. But there’s more to what makes this different than the Solid Color Cardstock (besides the number of colors). Let me show you.


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Holiday DIY – Oh What Fun!

November 29, 2016   

With Christmas right around the corner, we’ve been busily making festive crafts and gifts using the Oh What Fun Bundle from Anthology DIY.


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Personalize Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

November 10, 2016   

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, a time of giving, reflection, and gratitude. It is also a time for lots of glorious gatherings and food! Hosting family and friends for dinner parties and dessert nights comes with the added weight of wanting our homes to be festive and put together (no pressure!) Simple touches, especially festive ones, bring instant charm to the home. This is where Heritage Makers takes its role as our super-helper! There are many adorable templates that can bring the desired Thanksgiving cheer to our homes for the month and for the big Turkey Day!

Cassie Balser cleverly designed these prints as Placemats, which make for a perfect addition for any dinner table.(142659 and 142658)


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Joyful Pages!

November 9, 2016   

The new Joyful & Triumphant by Lauren Hinds collection truly is joyful and is so easy to create with. The hardest part is deciding which of the border strip designs to use because there are so many that I love that I want to use them all. Guess I better start taking more holiday photos!


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Pretty as a Picture!

November 8, 2016   
In today’s world of selfies, social media, and smart phones, sometimes we forget the importance of the good “old-fashioned” photo session. And let’s face it, your scrapbooks and photo books are only as good as your pictures.

I’m grateful for my 15-year-old daughter who reminds me several times each year of the greatness of this simple concept.

Meet Mary, Sage’s BFF:


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The Magic of Storybooks

November 3, 2016   

As the year comes to an all-too-quick close, I start to look back at all the memories made through the year. With the holidays approaching, I love the opportunity to take my memories and put them into a Storybook to share with my family and friends. It’s been said that “a picture says a thousand words,” but a book full of pictures shares an entire experience and memories!

Last Christmas, my sister and I put together a book for our grandparents, full of photos and memories from over the summer. Our whole family had visited them over a period of a couple of weeks. I will never forget the faces and tears of my grandparents as they opened the book on Christmas morning. Even though it was through a video call, their emotions and faces were priceless. They cherish the book filled with the sweet faces of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Each page of the Storybook brings them right back to those days when their house was not so quiet and was filled with giggles, toys, cries, late night talks, and kids’ TV shows.


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A Joyful and Triumphant Video

November 2, 2016   

The Joyful & Triumphant by Lauren Hinds collection from Our Memories for Life is now available and oh the possibilities with this collection! From holiday traditions to days spent frolicking in the snow, this collection has papers, border strips, and journal cards to complete your pages. And what better way to see this delightful collection than through a video.

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Creative Ways to Give Thanks

November 1, 2016   

Practicing gratitude is something I try to do throughout the year. I’m big on gratitude journals and really believe that the more aware of our blessings, the happier we are!

Thank You

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