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January 2017
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Time to Get Organized!

January 5, 2017   

The New Year brings with it a sense of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a renewed desire to achieve our goals. If you’re like myself, my intentions usually start out great, but…time soon shows that my intentions and goals may have been set a little too vigorously! One way that I find that really does keep my fresh starts going through the year is to keep things organized and keep myself accountable. The ‘Our Life’ – template and project Series by Brooke Mehr is one of my new favorites! There are a variety of project types that you can customize to help organize your daily and weekly goals and to-do’s.

This 12 x 18 Metal Print template, Our Life Planner by Brooke Mehr (143230), is a fun way to keep track of your general day-to-day to-do’s and items to remember. The spaces on the right side of the metal print showcase your favorite family photos and add a special touch. Who knew that a to-do list could be such a cute display piece?!



Now and Later Calendars have always been a project type that I think is ingenious. The flexibility to archive the top half as a 12 x 12 page brings the ability to keep your lists after month’s end. Brooke’s Our Life Now and Later Calendar (143110) is such a functional way to keep your goals on point.



Our Life – 3 Months, 8.5 x 11 Booklet (143303),  is a wonderful template to organize your days one week at a time. You can customize the details to fit your own needs. In this template design, you can even track meal planning, your top priorities, and even how much water you’re drinking! It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable and prepared for the week.



No matter how you like to plan and organize your day, there are templates and project styles for everyone. Choose, customize, and order yours today! It’s still January! Keep making those New Year goals and stay motivated with this amazing ‘Our Life’ template series. Here’s to a more organized and goal-achieving 2017!

Happy Planning!

-Lisa E


Year in a Snap

January 4, 2017   

2017 is here and I’m ready to jump into all the things I want to do this year. Do you have your list ready? Is one of the things on your list to have your memories in a book that you can share with others as well as look back on throughout the year? If so, you’re in luck! The Year in a Snap program helps you get photos into your book a month at a time. Keep reading for all the details.


The concept is pretty straight forward – gather your photos, meet with a group of people once a month, create pages for each month. And we make the shopping easy too. We’ve put together three paper based options and one digital (there will be two digital options in the near future). For paper based options, choose either Slip-in Pocket Pages as your base combined with border strips and cards to add journaling, or use a refill page as your base (choose between White or Linen) and add border strips and cards for journaling. If paper is not your thing, we’re adding a template to Heritage Makers Studio to use and once Snap2Finish launches, we’ll have templates there as well.

If you are a customer, the best thing you can do is get in touch with your distributor and they will get you set up in a group and order your supplies for you.

As a distributor, we have lots of resources for you. I’ve listed them here for easy reference (click on the text to go to the item or download it).

Year in a Snap Flip Book Brochure (US)

Year in a Snap Flip Book Brochure (CN)

Year in a Snap PDF Brochure (US)

Year in a Snap PDF Brochure (CN)

Year in a Snap Introduction Video

Year in a Snap Video 1: iPhone Photo Tips

Year in a Snap Video 2: The Life of a Photo in a Snap

Year in a Snap Revealed (recording training session)

I think that covers it. I hope this helps you meet that goal to create a book of memories or to help others get their photos off their cameras and into books.

Happy creating!

– StacyC

A Year of Birthdays

January 3, 2017   

Anthology DIY is offering a Perpetual Birthday Calendar Kit that will be available soon, but we want you to see how cool it is now!


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