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6 Tips to Make Your Camera Phone Pics Shine

March 27, 2013

It’s great to have one of today’s advanced digital cameras to capture your life’s journey–but sometimes, the best moments happen when you’re least expecting them!

A camera phone is your best friend when it comes to taking great, spontaneous photos of those moments you want to keep in your heart. Nowadays it’s possible to take great, memorable photos with the phone you’ve got in your pocket right now!

Here are some tips to make sure you’re always ready to capture the moment, and your photos always shine.

1. Keep Your Lens Clean!

In your pocket or purse, your lens is bound to get dusty–and fingerprints collect too! And that means blurry images. Make sure you give the lens a quick wipe with a clean cloth before you start snapping.

2. Make Sure It’s Hi-Res

Go into your settings and make sure your phone’s camera is set to its highest picture quality and resolution! It’ll take up more room on your phone’s memory, so be sure to download your photos onto your computer frequently so you always have room to take more.

3. Try to Find the Light

Camera phones have a limited shutter speed–which means that subjects in low light can be really hard to capture. Camera photos tend to look best in natural light, so if you can, get over by the window or out into the back yard. It also helps to work within a room that is well-lit.

The flash is a way to get around most low-light situations, but try to avoid it. It tends to make your photos look washed out and maybe even a little harsh and unflattering.

4. Stay Close to Your Subject–But Not Too Close

Make sure the subject of your photo fills up the frame of your viewfinder and everything is in focus. When you get too close, details start to blur. When you get too far, details become invisible! Practice finding the right distance from your subject and framing it carefully to get the best possible photo.

5. Stay Steady!

When you’re finally ready to take the photo, keep your hand steady. Use two hands if you can, and keep your arms close to your body to make sure you’re as still as possible and your photo is clear. Hit the button–and then don’t move! Some camera phones have a little bit of a delay.

6. Experiment!

The great thing about digital photography is that you can take as many photos as will fit on your camera or phone. And the great thing about using a camera phone is that it’s probably with you wherever you go. Take advantage of this by taking photos of everything, everywhere you go! And don’t just take one picture of your kids–experiment with different angles and distances and keep clicking that shutter button. You’ll end up with lots of fun and exciting options to choose from.


Do you have any tips for taking great photos on your phone?