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A Few FAQs

June 16, 2016

Life can get pretty busy, wouldn’t you say? The last thing you want is to be on hold waiting for a Customer Service agent to give you information you can find online yourself! To help you out, we have gathered five of the most common questions asked by Heritage Makers customers and provided the answers.

  1. How do I delete a photo from my albums?

Your photo manager tools make it easy to browse images, categorize and name photo folders and albums, and even see individual image details such as file sizes and upload dates. Click the “my photos” tab at the top right of your screen and you’ll be directed to a webpage that looks similar to the image below.

When you want to delete a photo, just select the image and click the “delete” button. Before you delete a photo, be sure to check its usage. If you used the photo in a project, you may not want to delete it, and you will be prompted to reconsider.

Remember, you must be in the “my photos”/photo manager area of the website to delete photos. You cannot delete photos from the Studio Editor screen.


To select multiple photos in an album, click the first photo, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then click on the last photo you want chosen. This will highlight all the photos in between.  If you want to be selective of which photos to delete, you can hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard down as you chose specific photos to be selected.

2. What is the difference between published and unpublished storage?

Unpublished photo storage is for images that have not been used in published and ordered projects. These photos may have been used in projects, but the projects have not been ordered.

Published photos are images that have been used in ordered projects.

3. How do I get that bar to pop up from the bottom of the studio?

The Content Explorer is a very important design area in Studio. It lives across the bottom of your Studio Editor screen. To open it, open the “View” tab and select “Content Explorer.”
  • Click here for more information about the “Content Explorer” and its many functions.
4. How can I add/delete from my favorites?
The “my favorites” folder allows users to add frequently-used embellishments, papers, etc. to one location. This feature can be accessed while in Studio (see image below). However, you are unable to remove art pieces from this folder.
5. How do I change a calendar template from one year to another?
Calendar grids themselves are pieces of artwork. You can use the drop to swap feature to make the switch. Simply go to the “art collection” tab and type the year you want in the search bar. This will pull up all of your calendar grid options.
  • Check out this tutorial on how to use the drop to swap feature (this is for photos, but the same technique is used for artwork).
  • Watch our October 2014 Studio U class for more tips and tricks to use when creating calendars.

For many more answers to frequently asked questions, take a look at our Support Center, where you can find information about specific products, design techniques, and much more.

Happy creating!

– Chelsea