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A Storybook to Cherish

April 8, 2013

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.”
—Jill Churchill

A couple of years after Kay Rytting’s husband died, some of her children began to worry that she was starting to feel that she had not been a great mother. When Laura Rytting, Kay’s daughter-in-law, heard about this concern, she knew just what to do—after all, she is a Heritage Maker! What Kay needed was a meaningful Mother’s Day gift, a storybook, filled with heart-felt thoughts and memories from her grown children.

“My husband is one of 12 siblings,” says Laura, “and they aren’t a verbally gushing type of family. But I knew if I gave them a chance to express their feelings of appreciation toward their mother, they would all jump on board.”

As it turned out, Laura was right! All 12 children replied almost immediately, and were eager to be a part of this special gift.

“The most difficult part was getting a recent picture of everyone individually with their mom. Fortunately, one of our nieces got married, and at the reception I was able to get a picture of everyone and then a group picture of everyone. I was hoping she wouldn’t guess why we were so persistent in getting those pictures!”

New Heritage Makers clients are always advised to begin work on their “Cornerstone” projects. These are the storybooks focusing on your parents, you, your children, and your family. Laura’s Mother’s Day project gave everyone in the family an opportunity to reminisce, tell family stories, and express their love.

“It was interesting to read about stories I had never heard, and to see many of the same stories or memories repeated,” says Laura. “With so many witnesses of her wonderful life and attributes, you know it must be true.”

Kay Rytting cried when she received the gift. Who wouldn’t? And if she ever starts to doubt the impact she’s had on 12 lives, all she has to do is open a beautiful book that says “For Our Wonderful Mother” on the cover!