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A Sweet New Collection

April 27, 2016

Nothing quite says summer like the feeling of being able to relax and unwind and enjoy some well-deserved time off. The new Sweet Summer collection by Katie Pertiet (available May 1) will help you document all those wonderful experiences that summer has to offer! Whether you’ve got pictures taken at a sandy beach, a rocky shoreline, or in the back yard, you will find papers, border strips, and journal cards to match the occasion.

Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful color combinations you can find in this collection.


So where to begin. With color! At least that is where I like to start. Take a good look at your pictures and pick out some colors. You can see in the photos below that I have put a few palettes together from this collection, so just pick one that goes with your photos. Next, choose your pages. Can you believe that other than the black and white “go to” refill pages we have four other collections that coordinate beautifully with this new collection? Check out Clean Slate Blue, Creme de la Creme, Blue Skies, and Creme Linen refill pages and see how you can combine and complement the border strips and journal cards. It is so nice to know that you have choices!





Now, let’s put it all together. I chose to use the Blue Skies refill pages for this layout. Since my pictures were lighter shades of blue I wanted to use a darker paper color for my accent. I cut the dark blue grid paper in half and used the two pieces to flow across both pages. Next comes the fun part! Layout out all the coordinating border strips (both 2″ and pocket sizes) and choose what fits with your pictures. We actually found a giant starfish at this beach so that border strip was a must! I also love how the pocket borders can add a touch of pattern without having to cut from a large piece of paper. Our Solid Color Cardstock is perfect for adding a pop of color (I used Coral for these pages) and to make your titles stand out. Add your pictures, a title, and your journal card and your pages are done!


Just looking at these pictures I can smell the fresh salty air and feel the sand between my toes. Isn’t that a great reason to capture (and recapture) your memories? So let’s get busy!

– Lauren