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Alaska in the Raw!

August 16, 2016

Hello Everyone! Lisa here!

I just returned from the most glorious trip ever. Yep, Alaska has been on my bucket list for a very long time and my sweet mom arranged a cruise for my sisters and their hubbies and luckily she came along too! Now one thing I’ve gotta note–my mom is almost 87 but she acts like she’s 20 years younger. So, she did a great job keeping up with the group! In fact, I think she’s the biggest late-night partier of us all. She could have played games all night!

So, this post isn’t really about my cruise and the places we visited, although I’ll definitely mention a bit about those two things. This post is about which camera is right for you, especially on a trip.

I am an iPhone lover but have to admit, my friends with Androids often get even better shots than I get. But for the sake of this article and because this is the type of phone I use, I’ll show you a few iPhone shots. I love the convenience of having a great camera with me at all times.


And I’ll show you pics that I took with my new FujiFilm X-T10:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.14.07 PM

Now I just got this camera before I went, so ALL the photos were taken on automatic and NONE of the photos have been edited. I love this camera and wanted to show you what it can do without changing the lighting or colors in the photos.

I think both cameras have their advantages. You can decide on the quality for yourself by these photos.


FUJI FILM X-T10: We cruised on Norwegian’s Jewel. Let me just say that it was the best food I’ve ever had on a cruise. Loved almost everything. Luckily the weather cooperated pretty well. It was usually in the 60s and we had very little rain.


FUJIFILM X-T10: Here is most of the gang on the ship. I didn’t realize Steve had quickly gone to the lost and found to find yet something else I lost on the ship and we’d already asked someone to take a pic!


FUJIFILM X-T10: Taking in the Ketchikan by trolley!


FUJIFILM X-T10: Awww! Love the Alaskan scenery!


FUJIFILM X-T10: Loved seeing all the bald eagles. This one was just waiting for a picture!


iPhone: Loved the totem poles! One sister wasn’t able to come. She’s currently living in Rome with her husband on a mission for our church.


FUJIFILM X-T10: The lumberjack show was a lot of fun!


FUJIFILM X-T10: Next stop was Juneau and the amazing Mendenhall Glacier. Yep, that blue stuff is a huge glacier!


iPhone: I love how you can take panoramic photos with your phone!


FUJIFILM X-T10: We also went to another glacier by ship and the scenery was unreal. Just look at the color of water.


FIJIFILM X-T10: And the chunks of ice floating in the water from the glacier were mesmerizing!


FUJIFILM X-T10: Next was Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada.


FUJIFILM X-T10: I love flowers and had such a great time taking pics of them.


FUJIFILM X-T10: This was my hubby’s favorite flower. Anyone know what it’s called?

There were so many more photos I wanted to show but here is a bit of a sampling. I’ll probably go in and edit some a bit but just wanted to show you what you can do in the raw.

Bon Voyage!

– Lisa