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Are You Racing?

May 1, 2008


It’s time to Race to Reunion. Are you excited about heading to Disneyland?Lena Fleming is sure excited about Reunion 2008 and has already started racing. Check out her story:

“After arriving home from the Utah Regional, I had to quickly shift gears back into being a wife, mother, hostess of house guests, and much more. After greeting my family, I headed to the grocery store. I got my groceries and proceeded to the checkout line. The clerk then asked me, “What are you racing for?” I was surprised when she asked me this.  And then I remembered I was still dressed in the same clothes I wore to Regionals – complete with my racing button.

The clerk smiled and said, ‘You must be going to Disneyland. What for?’ I told her a little bit about Heritage Makers and what I was racing for. She then asked me for my business card. I got her contact information and told her I would set her up with an account as soon as I got home. The clerk told me she had always wanted to create a storybook but nobody had ever offered to set her up with an account.

Thank you, Heritage Makers, for the button! I have an excited new client simply for wearing my button. It works!”

Do you have a story to tell about wearing your Race button? If so, leave us a comment and let us know what happened!