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Back to School Gifts

July 21, 2015

With a variety of Back to School Templates available from Heritage Makers, getting your child ready for school this year with the perfect teacher’s gift will be as easy as A, B, C. With you and your busy schedule in mind, most of our school templates require little to no customization. Here are a few project ideas to help you and your child make a big impression on your new teacher and get the school year started off right.

The first collection, “Back to School”, features several products that can be grouped together and presented to the teacher in a beautiful gift bag. Seen here are “Back to School” 4 x 6 Greeting Card, template 135688; Large Address Labels, template 135689; French Line Ornament, template 135690; 3 x 9 Notepad Set, template 135692; Love Mug, template 135691; and Playing Card Deck, template 135693. All of these projects are super easy to customize and are created in our Basic system for all to enjoy.

Back to School

Subway prints are always a winner! The only customization needed here is changing the teacher’s name and grade level. Simple, right? Both “Classroom Rules” 11 x 14 Print, template 135677 and “Teacher Subway Poster” 11 x 14 Print, template 86182 will make the perfect keepsake gifts when framed for the teacher to hang on her wall.


To see more school projects, head on over to the Heritage Makers Template Gallery and be sure to watch our latest Studio U class, “It’s as Easy as A, B, C,” to learn more about customizing your projects in Studio.