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Back to School Photo Ideas

August 23, 2016

Around the country kids are heading (or about to head) back to school. It’s a wonderful time to capture your child in a picture or two commemorating the exciting launch into a new grade!


Here are a few fun photo and memory keeping ideas.

Have your children hold up paper or slate signs indicating the grade they’ll be entering. The young ones can hold a sign that says, “Stop crying, Mom!”

Capture your children as they head down the street to the bus. Big backpacks on little backs make for an adorable and sentimental shot!

If your children love reading, snap some shots of them holding a large stack of their favorites.

Does your child have a very special back-to-school outfit selected for the first day? Take a picture of it as it hangs in the closet or sits folded on the shelf.

Special hugs and kisses from parents and siblings before your child heads out (or in) the door make for sweet photo memories.

At Bus

If the bus driver cooperates, take a quick picture of your children standing next to the bus and as they climb in.

Make sure you ask lots of questions and listen carefully as your children tell you about their new school-year adventures. Write down those thoughts and experiences because they’ll be treasures in future years!

– Lisa