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Before I Was Your Mother

April 12, 2010

These are simple words with a huge impact. Imagine all the stories that children want and need to hear about their mother’s life before having kids. Her whole life has been one incredible adventure, with experiences growing up, going to school, working, falling in love… Imagine how much closer a child and mother can become with such a story.

Heritage Makers consultant Melodie Jones witnessed first-hand just how powerful such a story is for the whole family.

By Melodie Jones

I had jury duty during December and January and so, of course, I shared Heritage Makers with my fellow jurors. One woman, Dee, we thought for sure was going to be excused as she had an adult disabled daughter that she helped take care of… But she wasn’t.

We became friends and I showed her a book template in our catalog called Before I Was Your Mom. She got very excited because her daughter, Mary, had an 11-year old son that only knew his mother as disabled and bed-ridden. Dee took the catalog home to show Mary who then helped Dee choose photos and what to put in the book. Mary was very excited to finally have this book to show her son that she wasn’t always disabled.

I scanned all the photos for Dee then helped her upload them into her account. We scheduled a time when Dee could come to my March workshop so she could finish her book and get it ordered. One week before the workshop I got an email from Dee. Her daughter had suddenly passed away the week before, but she wanted me to know that she still planned on coming to the workshop to finish Mary’s book, which we did.

Dee ordered the book on a Wednesday, and she received it on Saturday. Dee called to tell me how beautiful it was, and how much she appreciated my help, and that now she knows why she was put on jury duty: to meet me so I could help her make Mary’s book. She was so happy that Mary knew about the book before she passed away, and Dee was so happy to be able to finish it for Tyler, Dee‘s grandson.

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