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Beware! Bewitching Templates Ahead

November 1, 2014

Do you want to serve up something extra ghoulish this Halloween? Well, Heritage Makers has some good news for you. You no longer have to toil over a bubbling cauldron to whip up your own secret potions. With our pre-designed templates, you can create personalized bottle labels that completely cover up existing bottle labels on your favorite drinks and pantry jars, or add the labels to the front of your store-bought apothecary bottles filled with creepy critters to bring your Halloween party and home décor to a spooktacular level.

With “Halloween Drink Labels” 12 x 12 Scrap Page by Cynthia Coulon, template 123956, you can turn ordinary cola into a “Witch’s Brew,” or convert juice drinks into a bottle of “Monster Medicine,” or even conjure up your own frightful concoction with Cynthia’s “Halloween Party” and “Halloween Apothecary” art collections. We’re dying to see what you can create!

But the fun doesn’t stop with just the bottle labels. Lurking in the Template Gallery are other coordinating pieces such as party invitations, candy wrappers, party treat labels, and metal prints to decorate your own haunted house.

Make your Halloween event memorable this year by turning your party into Frankenstein’s lab and offering your guests evil potions, spooky concoctions, and secret spells. Your guests will be bewitched by the hundreds of frightfully good projects available from Heritage Makers.