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Bloomin’ Flowers in the New Floral Flourish by Katie Pertiet Collection

March 30, 2016

Spring is starting to show in the neighborhood as the flowers poke up through the ground, which make this the perfect time to have the new Floral Flourish by Katie Pertiet collection. This collection is blooming with flowers that will make any layout happy.


Let me start by showing you the beautiful designs you’ll find in this collection. First up, Designer Cardstock.

HM-OMFL_FloralFlourish Designer Cardstock4_800px

The color palette for this collection is soft and bright all at the same time. So many options! I love that there are basic designs in these cardstocks that can be used for any occasion.

HM-OMFL_FloralFlourish 2inch Border Strips4_800px

These 2″ beauties are border strips that will bring a bit of color to your traditional layouts. Whether you use them as is or layer with a solid color cardstock that has a punched border, you’ll love how bright and happy your pages look.

HM-OMFL_FloralFlourish Pocket Border Strips4_800px

Speaking of border strips, we also have Pocket Border Strips in this collection. The great thing about these are they work in pocket pages as well as on traditional pages. For example, if you look at the layout at the beginning of the post, the yellow border on the right page is made by adhering two pocket border strips together. Don’t they look great? And here’s how they look in a pocket page.


Making pocket pages is so easy! Select your photos, two journal cards, two border strips, and then slide them in place. Quick and cute. So speaking of journal cards, here’s a closeup look at the pocket journal cards.

HM-OMFL_FloralFlourish Pocket Journaling Cards4_800px

I love that one side is decorative and one side has everyday designs on it so I can pick what looks best on my page. Plus, pocket journal cards work beautifully on traditional pages, just like pocket border strips do. Referring back to the first layout, you’ll see journal cards as mats behind a photo on the left page and one on the right page.

With so many designs to choose from, where will you start? Lucky for you these are available on April 1st, so you don’t have to wait long to get these floral beauties in your hands.

Have fun creating!

– StacyC