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Border Maker System Basics

October 5, 2016

As part of the Croptoberfest sale, the Border Maker System is bundled with the Holly Berries Design Cartridge at a special price that you won’t want to pass up. And honestly, even if it weren’t on sale, this is a tool you want to have in your arsenal. It makes creating fun as well as easy. To show you just how easy, we’ve created a video that walks through the basic use of the system and shows how combining two designs creates a beautiful border for your page.

Didn’t you love that video and how easy the system is to use? I want you to see a few examples of what this tool can do. To start off with are the two borders created in the video. Notice that the border maker doesn’t have to be used for a 12″ border. The second idea has one punch using the Holly Berries Design Cartridge on a 2″ Border Strip from Joyous Noel by Katie Pertiet for a different approach.



Next are a smattering of borders created by Lauren Hinds a few months ago. The possibilities are truly endless because you can change the cardstock or the design cartridge for a totally different look as well as combine them over and over for new options.



If you’ve been on the fence about getting theĀ Border Maker System, this is the time to do it (the sale ends November 15th). I hope you’ll also use this video to show others how easy the system is and get them hooked on make beautiful borders.

Have fun creating!

– StacyC