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Bound by Love – Year in Review Books

December 18, 2015

As you wrap up your year, isn’t it nice to think back on all the activities and memories from the year? Why not record them in a storybook that you can look at over and over? Our last Studio U class, Bound by Love, had great ideas for capturing your memories for the year. The best part, there’s no right or wrong way to put together your year in review book.


This year in review book is organized in a month format. The One Happy Year storybook has a two-page spread for each month with plenty of room for photos and journaling. The colors in this book are trendy but don’t overpower the photos. Here’s the cover so you know what to look for in the template gallery:


This next book is ideal for Instagram type photos. The Playful Snapshots storybook has a simple design with one photo per page. And the photo size is square, again, perfect for your Instagram and other social media photos.



Next up is a fun approach – top 10. We all have our favorite activities and this book, Top 10 Yearbook, let’s you share your 10 favorite photos for each month. They can be centered around an activity, event, or just an everyday moment. Each month is a two-page spread with room to journal.




If you’re looking for more ideas to record your year, head over to the Template Gallery and search Year Review. You’ll see a variety of templates in lots of sizes. Then you just need your photos and a few memories and you’ll have a book everyone in the family will love looking at. And don’t forget to watch the recording of the class for tips and inspiration.

Have fun creating!