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Brag about these bags!

April 6, 2017

April is the perfect month to create and order a new bag! With the change of seasons, upcoming family trips and vacations, end of school year, Mothers’ Day and more, there are so many fun occasions and reasons to update your look, add a new personalized bag to your day to day life, and give to your loved ones. All month long you can save 10% on any bag style! The template gallery has a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from. At the end of last year, we introduced three new bag styles: Carry All Tote, Large Hipster Bag, Lunch Bag. These new additions are so versatile and such great gifts for family and friends.

Momster (142638) by Lisa Evans — Carry All Tote Bag

A Life that’s Good (142728) by Lisa Evans  — Large Hipster Bag

Beautiful Day (142761) by Lisa Evans — Lunch Bag

Women love bags and they make wonderful gifts for Mothers’ Day, which is right around the corner! If you want to create a bag for Mothers’ Day, be sure to place your order by April 25th to arrive in time for Sunday, May 14th. Here are a few templates that are great to personalize for the women in your life!

Beautiful Love (116487) by Roxanne Buchholz  — Hipster Bag

Mother’s Love 2 (131988) by Brooke Mehr — Messenger Bag

Mother’s Love 1 (131989) by Brooke Mehr — Messenger Bag

Dare to Dream (132037) by Roxanne Buchholz — Messenger Bag

Love You Family (132040) by Roxanne Buchholz — Messenger Bag

More Wag (132043) by Roxanne Buchholz — Messenger Bag

Modern Mother Subway (133580) by Roxanne Buchholz — Big Brag Bag

Always Remember (133583) by Roxanne Buchholz — Brag Bag

Happy Place (140403) by Cassie Balser — Brag Bag

The Little Things (142273) by Brooke Mehr — Large Hipster Bag

These are such great reminders of the many fun possibilities to create.  Customize your own and bring life and memories to bags for your every day use and needs. Be sure to order through April 30th to receive 10% off at check out on your new bags!

Enjoy creating!

-Lisa E.