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Brand New Products!

August 13, 2013

New Products Unveiled
Many Heritage Makers sit on the edge of their seats at our annual Reunion Convention, waiting for our newest products to be revealed! We absolutely love adding to our offerings so that Club HM members everywhere have fresh and interesting ways to give gifts and fill their lives with meaningful mementos! Take a look at what’s new below. If you see something you’d like to create, don’t hesitate to get started today! Templates are already available for you to personalize. And, of course, you can make any of these keepsakes completely from scratch!

Bracket Metal Prints
Bracket-shaped metal prints now join our metal print home décor line. In two sizes, just like our existing metal prints, 11.5 x 8 (the medium size) and 15.5 x 11 (the large size) Bracket Metal Prints are the same shape as our Ornamental Keepsakes (newly renamed Bracket Ornament to help you keep all the new shapes straight).
Each size is printed on aluminum over a bright white surface that makes a stunning, vibrant, contemporary home-décor piece or an elegant gift. Bracket Metal Prints can be designed in portrait or landscape orientation and wooden mounting blocks are available for hanging. Seen above is 11.5 x 8 Bracket Metal Print “Olivia’s Room,” template 109192, from Marin McKay Barney.

French Line Metal Prints
We are also offering two similar sized 12 x 8 (the medium size) and 16 x 10.5 (the large size) French Line Metal Prints. This shaped print is designed in a sophisticated, cut-away style that has a European flair. Again, it is available printed on aluminum, over a white surface, in portrait or landscape orientation and with a wooden mounting block upgrade option. Contemporary-styled French Line Metal Prints make perfect projects for both the men and women in your family. Marin McKay Barney’s 12 x 8 French Line Metal Print “Chalked Knock Please” is shown above. This delightful door hanging is template 111323.

Tag-along Necklaces
Small but significant, our double-sided, white aluminum 2 x 1 1/8 dog-tag style Tag-along Necklace is perfect to attach to your bag or luggage, use as a bookmark, or to design as a wearable keepsake. Watch for a wealth of templates, including template 110861 by Tanja Rigby, which was designed to accompany the 7 x 5 storybook “Valentine for My Little Sparrow.” Each upscale Tag-along Necklace comes with a silver ball chain.

Full Circle Ornament
Capture a favorite photo on our brand new Full Circle Ornament and enjoy a slice of family life for many years to come! Printed on white-coated aluminum for maximum photographic pop, the 2.75 inch circle also makes a distinctive luggage tag, presentation piece, or award medal. Each double-sided ornament comes with a small hole for hanging with an included red ribbon. Template 109658, “Holiday Couple,” by Lynda Angelastro works perfectly for newlyweds or a couple celebrating many more years together.

French Line Ornament
Also new this year is our French Line Ornament. A smaller, 3.94 x 2.75 inch, version of our French Line Metal Prints, this product is printable on both sides, has a small hole punched in the top and comes with a red ribbon for hanging. Perfect for door or dishwasher signs as well as Christmas tree ornaments, this shape has elegant lines that make it suitable for any of your friends or family members. Put template number 109644 in your search box and you’ll find this easily customizable French Line Ornament by Lynda Angelastro.

Square Bracket Ornament
Shaped very similarly to our existing Ornamental Keepsake (now named Bracket Ornament to help you keep these shapes straight), our Square Bracket Ornament just squares up this popular shape. Ideal for photos of each family member for chore charts, Christmas tree decorations, or suitcase tags; this double-sided, 3 x 3-inch ornament is printable on both sides of its white coated aluminum base. Punched at the top, it comes with a red ribbon for hanging. Replace the ribbon provided, if desired, with a string, chain or colored ribbon of your choice. “Furry Friends’ Christmas” Square Bracket Ornament shown above is template 109657.

Hipster Bag
Express your unique sense of style or give a personalized, fashion-forward, cross-body Hipster Bag to a friend or family member! The fully customizable 7.5 x 9-inch front-panel bag is accented by polished nickel hardware and a 48-inch adjustable shoulder strap. Inside the top-zippered bag is a black interior lining. The flip side of the bag is made from black microfiber and has a zippered pocket. The Hipster Bag shown here is from Anna Gehmlich Bates and is template 110965.

11.5 x 8.5 Lay-flat Storybook
This is a product that many have been waiting for! It’s the first of more lay-flat storybooks to come. For a seamless and stunning display, this gorgeous book allows pages to lay completely flat when opened, providing easy viewing with no page curl! Photos flow beautifully across spreads. This products is especially ideal for weddings, photo portfolios and special occasions that deserve the very best treatment! The cover is hardbound, custom full-color. The pages are double-thick. This lay-flat storybook includes 21 pages and can be expanded to hold up to 60.

New Products, New Templates
To help you use new products, look for a bounty of beautifully designed templates for each offering. Select the type of product that interests you from inside the Template Gallery and templates for that product will appear. Change the photos, change the backgrounds, change the colors and make it your own. With an even broader product offering Heritage Makers Club HM members now have a greater wealth of ways to surround themselves with meaningful memories or let others know they care.