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Calendars for Now & Later

October 13, 2015


All five of our calendars are on sale this month, and today we want to highlight one particularly versatile style: the Now & Later Calendar. What makes these calendars so special is that they are intended to last far longer than just one year. Each page is carefully perforated in two places, allowing you to tear it away from the binding and from the calendar grid, leaving you with an 8” x 8” or 12” x 12” page to add to your scrapbook or frame! Our Now & Later Calendars currently come in two sizes: 12” x 18” and 8” x 12”. If you take a look at our Template Gallery, you will see that we already have some 2016 calendar templates ready for you to personalize! The photo above shows 2016 Good Times Calendar (US), template #136249, and below you see 2016 Motivational, template #136305, on the left.



What if you find an older calendar template that you love, and you can’t find a 2016 version of it? For instance, in the photo above on the right you see Another Year Better 2015, template #128406. The good news is that it’s fairly simple to update a calendar template yourself! Open the project in Studio and pull up the Content Explorer bar at the bottom of your screen. Go to a page with a calendar grid that needs upgrading, click on the grid, and make sure it’s locked (it will have a pink border, like in the image below).


You want the grid to be locked so you can easily drop and swap the updated grid, just like you would with any other art piece. To find a calendar style you like, open the art collection tab and search for 2016 calendars. When you’re ready to make the change, click on the old grid you want to switch out so you can see the pink border. Then, click and drag the 2016 grid near the old grid so you see the message “drop art here to swap,” just like you see in the image above. Hover your mouse over the message and you should see the green circle with a white plus sign. This means you’re ready to drop and swap! Just repeat this process for each month of your calendar and you will be all set for the new year.

Happy creating!