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Cards for Every Occasion

January 7, 2016

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a specific greeting card on hand that was ready to go when the need arose? Maybe it’s a thank you card for the neighbor who took care of your pets while you were out of town, or a get well card for a friend who is under the weather. I’m sure no one here has forgotten a special occasion like a birthday or baby shower until the day of… But just in case you want to be prepared, here are some fun ideas for you! We have a plethora of beautiful greeting cards in our Template Gallery that you can order without personalization so that all you have to do is add a handwritten sentiment, and they can be given to anyone.

Let’s start with a couple of elegant thank you cards. The one on the left is Snowy Chevron Thanks (#130586), and on the right is Thanks a Bunch (#130504).


Here are some playful birthday cards that are perfect to give on someone’s special day. Featured below are Happy Day (#132118) and Enjoy the Ride Birthday (#125966).


Who doesn’t feel a little better after receiving a card from a friend? Doctors Orders (#132152) and Get Well Soon (#105368) are sure to bring a smile to anyone!

GW-And don’t forget some wedding-themed cards as well. Key to Best Wishes (#132906) is perfect for the big day, and Gold Washi Wedding Cake (#131869) will delight any bride-to-be.

W-Ordering sets of these themed cards is a great way to use publishing points that are about to expire, and we also recommend taking advantage of our large volume discounts when you want to order in bulk. Click here to see the pricing chart.

Remember that you can always import a template you love into a different card size if one hasn’t already been created.  Click here for a great article from our Support Center that gives a simple guide for how to do this.

Leave it to us to help you stock your card stash so that you’re ready for every occasion!