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Storybooking is Addicting

November 17, 2008

Submitted by Candace May

I have a running friend who has recently decided to join Heritage Makers as a personal publishing consultant. The other day, she asked me a question about sales. She asked, “After someone does a project or two, then what? What keeps a customer coming back for more?” Well, I’ve got the answer.

Yes, it’s true that there may not be an immediate re-ordering when it comes to our business. Heritage Makers is not a company that sells pills or lotions that needs constant re-ordering. But, like a pill, Heritage Maker’s online Studio can be addictive. In fact, it’s so addicting that I think we should start putting a warning label on the site

My running friend has not written a book yet. She has not experienced the magic of “storybooking.” She has not yet opened that first book that comes delivered to her door or opened the pages of a book about her heritage and read it to her children. If she had done any of these things, she wouldn’t have asked me that question.  She’ll soon experience the same “addictive” passion that I have for storybooking. I’m sure of it.

I have written over 20 storybooks and each time that new book is delivered, I still get a chill and a thrill.

What makes storybooking addictive? It is our amazing Online Publishing Studio that makes everyone a “professional” designer:

1. Using Studio is easy to do.

Once you learn about Heritage Studio you can use it for almost anything. Here are some of the ideas that can be done with Studio.

  • I made a $9.95 poster for my children’s nursery group.
  • You can make posters for children’s birthday gifts, cards for dear friends as a birthday wish, or thank you cards (with our new Address Book feature, sending cards is easier than ever.)
  • My newest client is a small business owner (children’s jewelry) and she uses the 5×5 book as a marketing catalog.
  • My 7-year-old uses Heritage Studio to do her own books and projects.

2. Using Studio is gratifying. With your Heritage Studio you can create an amazing storybook project in a matter of a couple hours and it shows up to your house in a matter of days! Heritage that was once “in a shoebox” is now safely “captured” in a book that will be read and celebrated for generations to come.

3. Using Studio is exciting. You will never bored as you browse the wonderful ideas in the Template Gallery. And you’ll have a blast creating designs and coming up with fabulous storybook ideas.

4. Using Studio is relaxing. While I wait for the water to boil as I cook dinner for my family, I can sit at my laptop and “storybook” for a few minutes. Once you have done a project you feel this wonderful sense of relief and pride. The project is always saved in your completed files and heritage is captured!

5. Using Studio helps you create a Cornerstone collection! Have you written your love story yet? How about your grandparent’s story? Have you interviewed your parents about their life yet? Have you written your children’s birth stories? The Cornerstone collection of templates are amazing and make “storybooking” easy and fun.

Take 30 seconds and write down the storybooks you NEED to write. What heritage needs to be “captured?” Then ask yourself “Who needs to hear these stories?” Then create them! But be warned, storybooking and using Studio is addictive. You WILL be back for more.