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Celebrating Dad!

June 9, 2016

Dad, Pop, Father, Daddy, Old Man. Whatever you call your dad, his special day is just around the corner and we’ve got a few ideas you can use to make him feel special.

Rebecca Happy Fathers Day card

If sending dad a card is on your to-do list, we have 230 templates to choose from, including this new design from Rebecca Christensen. Whether your dad is too cool for words or old school, if he likes sports or being in the great outdoors, or just enjoys being told how great he is, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a design that fits his style. You can use the card as is or swap the colors to something he loves, add a family photo, or his favorite quote. Have fun with it!

Brooke True Gentleman phone case

Gift giving is a big part of dad’s day and thank goodness we’re way past giving dad soap on a rope (please tell me you know what I’m talking about!). Instead, how about a phone case like this one from Brooke Mehr? Or maybe a canvas to hang in his office, or a mug, or a set of playing cards. All projects are customizable with lots of options for adding your own creative touches. You could even do a simple print like this subway art piece Brooke created. Just add your family’s name to the bottom and place the order! Shopping done.

Brooke Father Subway Art

For the party people, we have scrap pages designed by Roxanne Buchholz with cupcake wraps and picks. Order the page, cut out the wraps, punch the circle toppers, and bake a few cupcakes. Such a fun way to spiff up dessert for dad!

Roxanne Dad Scrap Page cupcakes

As I mentioned, these are just a few of the ideas. Take a few minutes and peruse the 638 templates dedicated to dad and then have fun creating a memorable day for him.

– StacyC