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Check Out Our New Prices

June 4, 2008

Heritage Makers is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and service. This time, we think we’ve come up with something you’ll really appreciate. Lower prices on posters, 5×5 storybooks, and shipping!

New Pricing

We’ve lowered our prices on our posters and are passing the savings on to you. So go ahead, make a poster for everyone in your family!

12×18 gloss            $9.95*

18×24 matte          $14.95*

But wait, we aren’t done yet! 5×5 storybooks are now available for $29.95*.

*Remember, savings occur when clients purchase through a consultant. Online orders remain at the regular price.

New Shipping Prices

We’ve also lowered our shipping prices! Starting June 20, 2008, you will notice lower shipping prices on additional copies of your storybooks. We’re anticipating a decrease of $.50 – $1.00