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Cherish Your Child’s Unique Spirit: Self-Esteem Storybooks Make Little Hearts Soar

April 29, 2013

One of the most important jobs we have as parents is helping our children be healthy and happy! A strong sense of self-esteem is your child’s armor against the challenges of the world. When your kids feel good about themselves, they grow into the amazing adults you know they will be. They’re strong, independent, confident, and they make the world a better place.

Self-esteem is something that you develop through your whole life, but that important foundation happens when a child is young. Right now you have the greatest influence in the world on how your child feels about herself. And children are so observant–they take their cues from you. That’s why you go the extra mile to show and tell them that you love them! Letting your child know that she belongs, that she does well, and contributes to the world is the best way to nurture her self esteem.

But the world can also sometimes be a difficult place when you’re a kid. So how do you help your child stay strong, even when you’re not close by? How do you help your kid know she’s always on your mind and in your heart?

Some of our amazing customers came up with a wonderful way to express to their kids how special they are, in a way that they can carry with them wherever they go: the Self-Esteem storybook. It’s a way to combine your most cherished family photos with personal messages, to create the story of your child’s life and celebrate her successes, her friendships, and most importantly, her!

Kirstyn Wright made a book for her 12-year-old daughter when she was going through a rough patch, struggling with all the challenges that come with transitioning from childhood to being a young teenager. She combined family photos with heartfelt, important messages to her daughter. Kirstyn says, “I had other women in her life write letters about growing up.” And when her daughter had a tough day, Kirstyn says, “I would send her to read it.” She adds, “Some days I wish I had a book like this.”

Another customer, Greta Johnson, has a beautiful daughter in preschool.  Ava was born with Down Syndrome. “These kids have seen her as a friend and an equal,” says Greta. “I fear the day when the kids see her as being different. So Greta wrote a book for Ava’s preschool class called a “A Good Friend is Someone Who…”.

Greta used pictures that she had taken throughout the year of Ava with her classmates. She created the book, she says, “in hopes that they will remember and always see Ava as a friend and an equal!” The kids and teachers loved the book, Greta reports. And it’s also an important way to help preserve the memories of Ava’s preschool class.

You can make storybooks to celebrate the Little League season, to commemorate a great year of school, to show off ballet recitals and more. It’s such a great way to remind our kids that they’re always loved.

Tell us in the comments: What kind of Self-Esteem book are you going to make your kids?