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Children’s Valentine Ideas

January 20, 2016


Love is in the air and it’s time to start putting together delightful Valentine treats for the upcoming celebrations. We would like to share a few of our favorite custom Valentine templates that are available in the Heritage Makers Template Gallery.  If you don’t see something you love in this post, make sure you go check out all of the Valentine templates available right now in the Template Gallery!


Pictured here are a few fabulous templates using our Large Address Labels. The Large Address Labels are the perfect size to wrap around a standard-sized candy bar. See how “Bee Mine”, template 117925, fits perfect on the front and sides of a Kit Kat bar! The large address labels can also be cut or punched into smaller stickers to be used on a variety of treats and gifts. “LOVE Valentines”, template 118658, is shown cut in half to form two labels that fit on a Tic Tac container and a long Laffy Taffy. They would also wrap well on a pencil or straw if you prefer non-candy treats.  Also pictured, “Valentine Chocolate Kisses”, template 118109, is designed to be punched out as 3/4 inch stickers that fit on the bottom of chocolate kiss candies. So adorable!


Last, but certainly not least, we absolutely love using the Large Address Labels as bag toppers because they are a perfect size and come ready to stick and seal on the top of any bag! Pictured here is “Orange You Glad”, template 131216, and “Hooked On You”, template 131217.




If you prefer a more traditional paper Valentine, but still crave a bit of personalization, take a look at these adorable templates. “Extra Special Valentine”, template 131041, is a 4 x 8 Photo Card that is designed to be cut into three separate Valentines with a miniature pack of gum attached. “Tic Tac Toe Valentine”, template 131169, is also an 8 x 4 Photo Card, also designed to be cut into three, but with a handfull of small candies to be used as a miniature tic tac toe board for a bit of added fun! Finally, “Sucker For You: Lolipop”, template 131035; “You’re Super Sweet: Candy Stix”, template 131038; and “Light Up My Life: Glow Stick”, template 131036, are all Double-Sided Business Cards that can be attached to any number of treats in any way imagineable and are so much fun to share. In the picture above, you can see them with a sucker or straw poked through two holes in each card.

Again, be sure to check the Template Gallery to see all of our lovely templates in many themes and find the one that is just right for you or your loved ones! During the month of January you can save an extra 10% on all Greeting Cards, Playing Cards, and Address Labels (both sizes)! Simply add the projects to your shopping cart and watch the discount apply!

– Brooke