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Clever Calendars for 2016

October 27, 2015

For some, calendars are their best friend! They know exactly where they’ll be on any given day and all is right in the world as long as they have a calendar. For others, they’re a decorative item that happens to have important information on it and a few random notes. Whichever you are, or somewhere in the middle, keeping track of important dates has never been easier or better looking than it is with calendars created with Heritage Makers Studio. And there are so many templates that you can use as is or swap colors and accents to create your own look.


Hang them up!

Adorn your walls with your favorite photos displayed in fun and playful designs, simple and graphic looks, or elegant and timeless. The template gallery has calendar styles for every taste. Like the “2016 Family Almanac Calendar” (136468) shown above that uses a grid for easy creation and artwork with a fun look.


The “2016 Mehr Calendar” (136285) has a clean design that uses large photos as the focal point with smaller images that support the main photo.

Or take advantage of the perforations in the Now & Later Calendar and place each month’s layout in an album for a quick way to capture your memories all year long. Here are a few examples of Now & Later Calendars.


2016 Good Times Calendar (US) – Template 136247

2016 Mark the Calendar (US) - Template 136272

2016 Mark the Calendar (US) – Template 136272

Stand Outs

Calendars are for more than walls. Desks and counters look amazing with a calendar strategically placed for easy viewing. Our desktop calendars are wire-bound with a built in stand for compact display. As with wall calendars, we have a lovely selection of templates for a variety of styles.


The “Perpetual in Nature” (136465) calendar can be used year after year because it only uses dates and not days of the week. Add your special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, while you’re designing or write them on later. When the year is through, start again with January and your important dates are there waiting for you.


With limited space on desktop calendars, the actual calendar can either be the focus, as seen on “2016 Corkboard Calendar (US)” (136297). Or you can use the majority of the space for photos and accents, as seen on “2016 Family Holiday (US)” (136242) below.


Also, if you like the look of a calendar but want a different size, there’s likely a version in the Template Gallery.

Not your normal calendar!

So far we’ve looked at pretty standard calendars. These next two examples are definitely calendars, but you won’t find them in the calendar templates.


This 11 x 14 print is doing double-duty as a wall calendar. The “2016 Beautifully Basic” (137795) print is a fun way to see the entire year at a glance while sharing a few of your favorite photos. If you get the UV coating added to your print, you can use dry erase markers on your print and then wipe it off.


Simple Family Calendar (137081) and Family Weekly Schedule (137782)

We just added the Car Magnet (found in Home & Office) and it is ideal for calendars or organizational pieces you want front and center in your kitchen. Again, dry erase markers work like a charm on these so you can update them for each month or week. And their size means you don’t have to write in mouse print or use your glasses to read what you wrote.

It’s a wrap!

That’s a quick recap of a few calendars shared in the Studio U class. The most important thing to remember when starting a Heritage Makers project is that you don’t have to start from scratch. We have templates in the Template Gallery for you to use as a jumping off point. Whether you swap out all the backgrounds and accents or just move things around a little and then add your photos, once you start that project it is all yours!

Also, you will notice that some calendar templates have (US) and some have (CA) in the name. The (US) versions include grids with holidays celebrated in the United States. The (CA) templates have grids with holidays celebrated in Canada.

If you’re working on a calendar now, make sure you share it on our Facebook page as part of the Design Challenge. You have until Friday, October 30th at 10:00 am MT to share your photo. You’ve got nothing to lose AND you could win 15 publishing points.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun making calendars!